NOV 19TH, 4.30PM-6.00PM, TORONTO

Albert Einstein once said: "Intuition is the only valuable thing."

If you think of him, you wouldn't necessarily think he was a very intuitive person, right?


You think of him as a very intelligent, maybe even intellectual person. The truth is: He was a genius and all geniuses have one thing in common. They're connected to their inner wisdom. To this inner intelligence that helps us find a solution where we only see problems.


Our intellect will never be able to come up with radical new ideas and new ways. It can't think out of the box, because it is the box. But connect to your intuition, and new ways will open up in front of you.


Thankfully, for us women it's easier to connect to this inner wisdom. We trust our feelings, we trust our senses and we still - even after hundreds of years of conditioning - are able to go beyond what our rational minds tell us.


I want to invite you to learn how to use this incredible tool to create more joy and abundance in your life. If you want to know how to strengthen your connection to this inner intelligence, come visit me on Nov. 19th in the Yoga Village in Toronto. The duration of the event is 4.30pm-6pm. Pre-registration is necessary.


Let's become wild, intuitive, instinctive women again.


Save your spot today and save 15%. Pay $30 now, instead of $35 after the 7th of November 2017.

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