We put people in two categories. There are the Creatives: the painters, writers, designers, poets and musicians, crafters, architects, chefs, etc. And then there are the rest: the Non-Creatives. 


The truth is: there is no such thing as a non-creative person. There are only Creatives and blocked Creatives. The latter are the ones who don’t allow themselves to be creative or who have built up fears around creativity. You might think, I’m absolutely silly, but I was blocked for a long time. We ALL are to some extent, even the ones who choose to work in a creative field or have accomplished a lot as an artist.


When we’re born, our creativity is turned on to the maximum. Creativity is really our gift from life. 


Some of us manage to keep our creative juices flowing because we were either lucky to have supportive parents, teachers and friends or we were just incredibly stubborn. The other ones who weren't that lucky, grew up in families who look at artists as crazy people, fools that make no money or people who might end up as drug addicts. They were surrounded by people who crushed their creative endeavours or grew up in a more intellectual kind of environment, where the parents wanted nothing more than their kids to have good grades, go to University and get a good job later on. A lot of parents are so blocked in their own creativity that they can’t support their kids or don’t know how. And if you had a parent like that, who was more concentrated on making money or their PhD, you probably don’t allow yourself to be creative. 


Creativity is life. If you block creativity, you block life. And when you block life, you feel lifeless, tired, burnt out or stuck, you have no motivation. 


In my upcoming workshop “Free the Creator within” we’re gonna explore how to get in touch with our own unique creativity. We will do intuitive writing exercises, work in small groups and do visualization-work to clear the blocks from of our psyche that are hindering us from going forward and to find our way back to our creative power within. 


This workshop works for people who don’t consider themselves creative as well as for already accomplished artist, because even if the so called “Creatives” have accumulated tons of fears like f.i. the fear of running out of creativity or the fear of not being able to continue their success story or the fear of trying something new or in a completely different field. All these fears block our creativity from flowing and this workshop will help you to clear your way and to connect yourself to the energy of life. 


You will feel clearer, more alive and motivated again.


If you’re interested, you can sign up for the workshop here. If you register until the 19th of Nov 2017 you’ll get a 15% discount. Pay 30$ before the date instead of $35 after. Pre-registration is necessary. 


I’m excited to see you there. 


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