Do you choose inner peace?

written by Paula Hartmann


The ultimate selfcare practice is to make inner peace the first priority in any given moment. 


Unfortunately nobody really practices that. In fact, if you make inner peace the centre point of your life, people will think you're insane.


Let's say somebody steals your car. People will tell you how dreadful that is. They will feel sorry for you and say what bad luck you have. 


If you are rooted in inner peace, this situation will not have a big impact on you. Instead you see the facts: Your car is gone and you might have to take the bus for a while. There is no reason to complain or create drama about it. 


Now, when people see that you're not stressed over a situation like that and instead you're committed to inner peace, they will think you're nuts. That's how crazy our world has become.


Today I want to invite you to make a list of all the things that are able to pull you away from inner peace. Realize what situations make you feel irritated, stressed, anxious, mad, sad or hurried. These are the things that you give a higher priority than your own wellbeing. 


Here are a couple of examples:

  • The weather
  • Being late for something
  • Getting criticized 
  • Not being prepared for a certain situation
  • Loosing money
  • Not having a lot of money
  • Being sick
  • Physical pain
  • Not being good at something
  • Not getting attention
  • Getting a lot of attention
  • When things don't happen according to plan
  • Being treated unfairly
  • Not knowing what is going to happen
  • Not getting all the things done on your to-do list
  • When somebody behaves differently than you've expected
  • When somebody is not able to express his/her feelings


I could list another million things that people choose over inner peace. Everybody has their own trigger points. Write yours down to become more aware of them.


The next time you're triggered, remember that you always have a choice to react differently in this moment. 


Let's say your running late for an appointment: Take a risk and consciously choose to give inner peace the highest priority even if it means you won't arrive on time.


Thoughts might come up and say, "What are you doing? You need to worry about this. You need to feel bad for coming too late." Watch these thoughts and return to inner peace. You might still feel stress in your body, because this has been your reaction for decades, but know that you have a choice. Then observe what happens.


Usually when I choose to give inner peace the highest priority, magical things happen. For example: when I'm late the person that I had the appointment with comes late too or even thanks me for coming later, because he or she needed some extra time. 


When you are aligned with inner peace, you're one with the flow of life, because life flows with peace.


Every time you choose to give somethings else a higher priority, you are hurting yourself, because in your essence you are peace.


Now, when this happens and you caught yourself choosing something else over peace, you can get mad about yourself for making a mistake. This will prolong your suffering. Instead you can forgive yourself instantaneously and feel peaceful again. 


To get in alignment with yourself each and every single day, you need to make it a habit to connect with yourself as often as possible and check in how you feel. Ask yourself:


Am I choosing to get work done over feeling peaceful?


Am I choosing to be in control over somebody or something instead of choosing peace?


Am I holding onto my plan over choosing peace? 


If the answer is yes, you're not allowing yourself to be you.


You might be considered insane if you choose peace, but you will be the most peaceful and healthy person you know. 


Your choice.


Sending you lots of love!

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