The yin and yang principle - Balancing the masculine and feminine energies inside of your body

written by Paula Hartmann


Our energy field is made up of two opposing energies: Yin and yang. The yin energy is also called feminine and the yang energy masculine. Every human being is made up of both of these energies no matter what gender they have, but usually one of the two is more dominant. 


Most women (with a lot of exceptions) have a more yin/feminine energy. The qualities of this energy are: passive, surrendering, intuitive, receiving, caring, nurturing, connected to the body, rooted in being, feeling the connection of all beings etc.


Most men (with a lot of exceptions) have a more yang/masculine energy. The qualities of this energy are: 

active, adventurous, creative, discerning, planning, driving force is manifesting (bringing things into existence), clarity, strategic etc.


Which energy is more dominant inside of you doesn’t really matter. Every human being is wired in a different way and that’s totally fine. Maybe it helps you to realize which energy is more dominant inside of you, so you can make better choices for your wellbeing. A yin-wired person will definitely feel more at home in a job or environment that supports this side and vice versa. 


Things get out of balance when one of these energies inside of you becomes extreme. For example, if you are addicted to doing and you make decisions entirely based on your rational mind, you will suffer. You will most likely work too much, get burned out, feel disconnected from the people around you and spend too much time in your head etc. This is what’s happening all around the world at the moment because most societies are ruled by the masculine energies. 


There is also the possibility to be too extreme in the other direction. If the feminine energy is too extreme, then there is too much passivity and the person has a problem with taking action or never gets anything done. Obviously this can cause a lot of problems too.


If you have a feeling that you tend to go too extreme into one of these directions, here are a few suggestions for you to counterbalance this tendency:


To counterbalance an extreme yang/masculine energy:


If you tend to be very active, busy and you feel stressed out a lot, you can counterbalance an extreme yang/masculine energy with…


  1. Starting your day slow: Morning rituals are an extremely helpful tool. Instead of focussing on “doing” from the moment you open up your eyes, cultivate a ritual that lets you arrive into the day with ease. Your day tends to unfold how your morning starts. So give yourself plenty of time in the morning.
  2. Taking breaks in between tasks to stretch, dance, go around the block or enjoy a cup of tea. Especially If you’re working at a screen, make sure you look up and outside of the window often or decorate your work environment with calming or fun things you like to look at. 
  3. Breathing: Remind yourself to take a deep conscious breath as often as possible. Stop whatever you’re doing and concentrate your entire awareness on your inner body or your breath. This takes not even ten seconds and still it’s very powerful to connect you into being again. (Taking one right now).
  4. Fun: Plan at least half an hour of unproductive fun per day! Here are a few of my go-tos: Goofing around to great music, making pompoms, playing hide and seek/soccer with my son, journaling, doodling, crafting, painting walls, etc.


To counterbalance an extreme yin/feminine energy:


If you tend to be too passive, too lethargic and you don’t seem to get anything done (make sure, you’re ego is not tricking you and you actually do get a lot of things done), you can counterbalance an extreme yin energy with…


  1. Making a list of 20 small, creative actions you could take. For example: Paint the kitchen, put the cactus in a bigger pot, send your sister the recipe she asked for, make a file of all the poems that you like, make pictures of  your current life and send them to your grandmother, throw a tea-party for your friends, give away every outfit that you even mildly dislike, make a spotify playlist for the drives to the city. Choose one thing from your list and start it today.
  2. Write down the names of your five best friends and organize a date or a phone call with each of them in the next five weeks.
  3. Make a life-pie. Draw a circle and draw lines in it, so you have six equal pieces of pie. On the outer rim label each of the pieces with the following words: Health, Friends, Play/Fun, Adventure/Romance, Work/Money, Spirituality. Make a dot in each piece of how fulfilled you feel in these areas of your life. Closer to the centre means not fulfilled, closer to the outer rim means more fulifilled. Connect all the dots and see which areas of your life are impoverished. Write down two actions you can take this week to work on this situation. For example: If you’re starving spiritually, go visit a place where you feel connected to God. This could be a church, a greenhouse, a beautiful park or a library. 


I hope these suggestions will help you to bring more balance into your body, mind and soul. 


Let me know which energy is dominant inside of you and what you're struggling with more: inactivity or being too busy? 


Have a great start in the week!


So much love, 

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