10 pieces of advice for bloody beginners

written by Paula Hartmann


This week I went to the rollerskating palace. I was nervous because I haven’t stood on skates in over 20 years, but at the same time I was really excited.


I slipped into my skates and thought, “OMG! How will I even make it to the dance floor?” It was the weirdest slippery feeling ever. I managed to get into the rink. Loud music was playing, disco lights were on and I suddenly felt like I was six years old again. 


My fear talked loud and said, “You’re gonna break your leg and your arms! You’re gonna look like a fool.” But oh my heart - it was in such exstacy. I told my ego to shut up and then I started to roll.


The first five rounds were funny. My eyes were glued to the floor in front of me, my feet were trying to make sense of all these new sensations. I had the tunnel view, couldn’t see what was going on around me. I was so focussed on myself and on not falling. 


But, after half an hour, my courage grew, everything felt more natural and my view went farther and farther ahead of me. It was amazing. I couldn’t get the smiles off my face for two hours.


I had so many realizations on this evening that I want to share with you today. 


If you’re thinking about starting something new in your life f.i. writing a blog, starting a dancing practice, starting a business, speaking on stage, taking ukulele lessons - whatever it is - remember these 10 pieces of advice for bloody beginners:


  1. Your ego always wants you to be already finished with everything. Your soul wants you to finally start something. Listen to your soul!
  2. It doesn’t matter how you look to others. What matters is that you have fun. 
  3. You can be the worst at something, but at the same time be the person who enjoys doing it the most. Enjoyment is more important than a degree or a status.
  4. Say yes to the thing that scares you a bit, but at the same time makes you feel excited. Your soul needs adventures to survive.
  5. Don’t look right or left to what everybody else is doing or how much better they already are. You need to stay focussed on yourself (at the beginning) otherwise you will fall. Use all your energy to concentrate on yourself.
  6. You don’t have to worry about getting better. Getting better comes naturally the more you do something. Just give yourself the gift of time.
  7. Your fear always wants to protect you. But it also protects you from the good stuff. You have to decide what you want: A safe and boring life or an adventurous life with the risk of falling once in a while
  8. Looking like a fool is cute (it makes you human). It’s better than not trying anything new.
  9. As kids we didn’t care if things made sense or if they fit into our CV. We chose to do things that made us feel good. We weren’t strategic. We were happy! 
  10. Never stop being a beginner! It keeps you young. Always keep learning new things and risking to look like a fool!


Remember when you were a kid! You were enthusiastic about trying out new things and challenging yourself. This little girl/boy is still inside of you and it wants to come out to play once in a while. 


Communicate with it and ask it what it wants.


This is the secret to feel alive, healthy and happy!


Isn't that the only thing we really want?


Sending you so much love!

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