How to be more with less. - A guide to bring more joy into your daily life.

written by Paula Hartmann 


Sometimes the easiest way to realize who you are, is to become aware of who you are not.


This approach works, because when we get rid of all the things in our lives that don’t matter to us, all of a sudden we are confronted with what’s left. And this is our essence.


That’s why I’m a big fan of the minimalsm movement. I don’t feel drawn to a simple life, because I’m obsessed with an organized home or spare white walls - no. In fact I can be chaotic sometimes and I love beautiful things, but I’m fascinated by living a life with less, because I discovered that if you get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy in your life, you feel more fulfilled and you realize what’s really important to you.


When I read Marie Kondo’s book, “The life changing magic of tydying up” a few years ago, I thought, I’m gonna become a more organized person. That’s not what happened. This book helped me to declutter my home, yes, but besides that, I realized that I can let go of more things than just “things”. I can let go of people that are not good for me, I can let go of habits that don’t make me feel good and I can let go of thoughts that keep me limited and small. 


It all started with decluttering my home and getting rid of books, clothes, candleholders and coffee mugs that I haden’t used in ages and that were just laying around taking up space. I literally took every single item I owned in my hands and asked myself, “Does this bring me joy?” And if the answer was “No.”, I asked myself, “Why am I holding on to this?”


You can ask the same question for everything else in your life. You can ask...


Does my job bring me joy? And if not, why am I holding on to it?


Do my daily routines (like watching TV, going to bed at a certain time, eating certain foods, meeting up with certain people etc.) bring me joy and if not, why am I holding on to them?


Does the way that I treat myself and talk about myself bring me joy? And if not, why am I holding on to this behaviour?


Does the way how I do things bring me joy? (How I eat, how I interact with people that I love, how I work, how I show up in the world). And if not, why am I holding on to it?


Of course, you can’t change all of these things in a day. It can take weeks, months or even years. But every decision you take towards bringing more joy into your life, no matter how small it is, is worth it. Slowly your life will be filled with more love. In the end it doesn’t matter how long it takes. The only thing that matters, is that you’re continuously getting closer to who you really are.


Today I want to inspire you to start somewhere.


I want you to pick one room in your living space (maybe start with a not so challenging one) and take every single item in this room in your hands and ask yourself, “Does this really bring me joy?”


An easy way to find out the truth is to also ask yourself, “When was the last time I used it, looked at it or enjoyed it?” If it was months or even years ago, you might be holding on to it, because you’re afraid to let it go. Creating more space can be quiet scary, because we ask ourselves, “Who am I without all these things?”


Be brave and make a pile of 10 items in your living space that you are ready to let go of. See what emotions come up when you do that. And recognize how letting go of things makes you feel. You might feel lighter afterwards which will be a motivation to let go of even more.


Resist to fill up the new won space with new stuff and enjoy the white space! 


Creating more space will not only make you feel better, it will also sharpen your focus. Less stuff means less things to think and worry about. This frees up your mind and you will notice an increase of creativity and aliveness. 


Have fun decluttering! And if you have any questions about this challenge, don’t be shy to message me anytime. 


So much love, 

I’m so thankful to have found a creative expression that is in alignment with who I am. I don’t consider myself lucky though, because I know it has nothing to do with luck. Instead, in the last ten years I devoted all of my time to get to know myself from the inside out. I read a million self-development books, followed my joy fearlessly and learned to listen to the whispers of my soul. I developed my intuition and studied my fearful thoughts for years. I know exactly how a self-sabotage looks like and what we can do to overcome the critical thoughts than keep us small.  


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