Having your dream job is not the answer. Here is what you need to do to feel good every day!

written by Paula Hartmann


I used to be so naive. Ten years ago I thought, if I just turn my hobby into my job (back then I wanted to become a professional dancer), I would be the happiest person on the planet. 


To some degree I was right, because we spend a considerable amount of hours at work every day. But, what I didn’t realize was, that even the coolest job can turn into a nightmare if you work too much and you neglect other areas of your life that are equally important.


We are not put on this planet to just work (even if it’s a job that we love). We need to find a balance between work, free time and play. This is so important if we want to feel good on a daily basis.


In today's video I will show you a powerful tool to find the perfect balance between work, free time, family time, self-development-time etc. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and you’re guaranteed to have an aha-moment. 


Find what’s missing in your life to feel whole again.


This is a non-negotiable exercise for my clients that you can come back to every couple of months to see where you’re at.




I call this exercise the life-pie. 


Draw a circle and divide it into 6 equal parts. Label each of the pieces of pie with the following words:

  • Work
  • Play/Fun
  • Exercise
  • Friends/Family
  • Adventure
  • Spirituality


Then draw a dot in every piece of the pie. Closer to the middle of the circle means you’re not very fulfilled in this area of your life. Closer to the rim of the circle means you’re more fulfilled. At the end, connect all the dots and you can clearly see which areas need more support and attention from you.


Make a list of things you could do in the next week to support the underdeveloped areas of your life. For example: If you never allow yourself to play and have fun, brainstorm what you would do if you were a silly and innocent child again and then do at least one of these things in the next 7 days.


This easy task will make you aware of what you need to do to create more balance in your life. I promise you, that if you improve one area, all areas will benefit from it. We think of these areas as separate subjects, but they are all interconnected and intertwined. For example, if you start exercising more, you will suddenly have more energy to work on your projects or you will be more at peace with your family members and your relationships will improve. 


It’s a simple and very effective tool to feel better on a daily basis. Feel free to pass it on to your friends and family members. Everybody will benefit from knowing this.


So much love, 

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