Make yourself the first priority! Your kids will thank you for this later.

written by Paula Hartmann


I have a son who is almost 6 years old. My biggest wish for him is to be happy and to have a life that he can enjoy. 


I’m pretty sure, I have this in common with every other mom on the planet. The difference between me and a lot of other moms, is, that although I love my son to pieces, he is NOT the no.1 priority of my life.




In this week’s video I’m talking about how important it is to make yourself the first priority in your life, even if you have kids (especially if you have kids) and why your children will thank you for this later. I would even go so far to say that it will save their lives. 


Enjoy this video and let me know what you think about it. 


As mothers we’re constantly trying to get everybody’s needs satisfied. We want the whole family to be happy and sometimes it’s a juggle. We love our kids so much, that we want to give them the best possible life.


What we often forget is : OURSELVES. We forget to fill our own well.


We pat ourselves on the back for giving all of our attention and energy to our kids. We think, this is what “a good mom” looks like. We loose ourselves in the role of being a mother and put our own needs and wants last. Here is why this is a recipe for disaster - not only for you, but also for your kids:


Kids are sponges. They soak up everything you do: your behaviours, what you like and dislike about yourself, what you think is right or wrong, all of your habits. They learn how to behave by observing how you behave. You are their hero. So whatever you do, they will copy. 


If you’re constantly sacrificing your own well being for making other people happy (including your kids) they will learn, that this is the way to go. They will grow up, sacrificing their own wellbeing as well.


If you’re telling yourself, that your dreams are impossible or that you’re not good enough to make them happen, guess what? They won’t go for their dreams either. 


If you live a mediocre life, they will live a mediocre life.


If you let your fears dictate you what to do and what not to do, they will never leave their comfort zone either. 


If you think that loving yourself and concentrating on what you truly need, is selfish, let me give you another perspective.


By going for your dreams, by listening to your needs, by doing what’s good for you etc. you give them permission to do the same. 


They will know, it’s possible. They will love themselves too. They will listen to their own inner needs and trust me, this is the biggest gift you can give to them. 


I dare you to make your dreams happen.


If you really love your kids, go for it! I know you can and I'm here for you if you need any help. 


Sending you lots of courage and so much love,

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