How to heal problematic relationships

written by Paula Hartmann


So far all of my clients have reported to me, that during our coaching time together, a relationship issue that they had with a certain person in their life, magically solved itself. 


Sometimes it was an issue with their partner, ex-lover, sibling, friend or parent. 


Suddenly the energy between this person and my client changed OR there was a long overdue conversation that cleared the air and my clients felt more free and relieved afterwards.


This doesn’t surprise me at all and I can also tell you why. 


Your outer reality always mirrors back your inner reality.


In other words, the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life. 


Just by working on yourself, you will change your personal energy and this will automatically change how people respond to you, interact with you and experience you. 


You might ask yourself, why you always have the same issues with your partner or why people around you seem so demanding or why people are taking advantage of you etc. These are all signs that it’s time to go deeper and look for the root of the problem. 


The root of the problem lays in the relationship you have with yourself.


In order for us to have harmonious relationships, we have to ask ourselves the following questions:


Do I love myself or am I my biggest critic?


Do I take myself seriously by respecting my talents, my passions and my dreams or am I keeping myself small?


Do I honour myself by setting boundaries, so that other people can't treat me like a doormat?


Do I listen to my inner guidance and speak my truth around others or am I afraid to upset others?


Do I make time for my personal needs or am I constantly helping others till I'm exhausted?


Do I let myself grow or am I afraid to leave my comfort zone?


The more you honour, love and respect yourself, the more harmonious your relationships with others will be. 


Sounds weird?


I know. I didn’t believe it either, until I started to experiment with loving myself more. Pretty fast I noticed that the more love and attention I give to myself, the more love and attention I receive from others. 


I believe that love can heal the world. But we have to start by loving ourselves first. You can do that by...


  1. following your inner guidance,
  2. doing what truly makes you happy,
  3. treating yourself like the most precious thing,
  4. taking your dreams and passions seriously and
  5. setting boundaries with people that try to take advantage of you. 

You are so precious and you deserve to be happy. Making yourself the first priority in your life is not vanity, it's sanity.


Be brave this week and love yourself hard!


So much love, 

Creating a new life from scratch can be so overwhelming. If you think, "Paula, all this sounds great, but where do I start? What can I do to create a real change? How can I do more of what I love, if I have no time or money at hand?"


Here is my answer:


There is a solution and I know how I can help you to create a life that you love and that feels 100% natural to you.


It doesn't come over night, but it's possible. In only 3 months from now, you could be on a completely different path - living a more authentic life, with more energy, more joy and creativity. 


In my 12-week Coaching Program, I'll help you to...

  • Get to know yourself from the inside out and learn how to trust your inner guidance.
  • Connect to your deepest motivations and your true passion. 
  • Become aware of who you are and what you REALLY want to create. 
  • Find out why you are here and what you’re called to do on this planet.
  • Go deeper and heal the relationship you have with yourself 
  • Feel more joyful and alive 
  • Become intensely creative and playful again


Wanna chat and get to know each other better? You can schedule a free Clarity call with me on Skype here and we can talk about what's going on in your life at the moment. Absolutely obligation-free!


If you have any questions about the program, you can go to my website, or hit reply. I'll be happy to get back to you asap.

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