3 invaluable lessons I learned from being a dancer

written by Paula Hartmann


In my years as a dancer I learned more about myself and life than I could have ever imagined. It was an intense time full of hard work and sour muscles. But it was also a time in which my soul healed and I de-programmed a lot of the false things that I’ve learned as a kid.


Today I want to share three lessons with you that I’ve learned during this time. They will help you to gain a new perspective about how powerful you really are and help you to become more successful in whatever you’re doing


It took me five years to gather this information. You, on the other hand, can simply watch this short video. On a silver plate. Just for you!




In my time as a dancer I realized that a daily commitment or a daily practice creates change. Often the change is so little that we don’t even recognize that we’re moving forward at all. We get easily frustrated if we don’t see results after a week or two, a month or two. And then we give up and start the next thing, only to realize that everything that is worth creating takes time and perseverance.


And it’s our daily 5 min. or 10 min. which we invest that really do make a difference.


I also realized that you can either teach people through love or through fear. I had a couple of teachers that taught me a lot, but that tried to motivate me through making me scared. There were others that motivated me through simply believing in me and for these I’m very thankful.


Personally, I would only listen to people’s advice if they lift you up an don't put you down. So be aware of the people that influence you. Choose the ones that inspire you. 


Last but not least, I learned that it’s not so important how far you can stretch, but that you’re able to breath wherever you’re at. You might have a dream or a goal, but it’s not worth pushing yourself so much, that you can’t enjoy the ride.


Take it easy and don’t sacrifice your wellbeing for reaching a goal very fast, just because your friends or colleagues seem to be further ahead or more successful.


You just never know what others sacrificed to get where they are right now. So go in your own tempo and make sure that you’re feeling good and that you’re literally able to breath deeply in your daily life.


Feeling good is the real success.


Have a wonderful week!


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