Your high-sensitivity is a gift! How to cope better with feeling more than others!


written by Paula Hartmann


Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by too much light, noise, other people or small tasks that others seem to deal with easily?


Do you often feel misunderstood because others give you the feeling that you're overreacting in certain situations?


If yes, my new video will show you how to cope better with your high-sensitivity and it will help you understand WHY you feel more than the people around you. Trust me, there is a GOOD reason why you're wired this way. 




What you need to know is, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are NOT overreacting or exaggerating. You simply have better developed senses.


Feeling more than others is a beautiful gift that comes with a high responsibility: You need to take better care of yourself. 


Like a delicate flower needs special soil, a mix of sunlight, shade and a special amount of water, you too need a special treatment. You are not a cactus. So please, don't compare yourself with one and don't feel guilty for needing different things (a different environment, more time for yourself, more quiet time, etc.).


So, what does it mean to take care of yourself?


Here are a few things that help me to stay in a good vibration and not get so easily overwhelmed:


1. Fill up your own well first.

As highly sensitive/intuitive people we tend to sometimes give too much. We help and nurture others and often forget to do things that feel good to us. If we listen to our intuition and do the things that feel good to us on a daily basis, we won't feel exhausted when we get into challenging situations or we manage to not even get into situations that could make us feel overwhelmed.


2. Realize that you're perfect and that who you are is a gift to the world.

Life gave you the gift to feel more than other people for a reason. Use it! Set up a lifestyle (work, hobbies, relationships) that is in alignment with who you are. 


3. Accept and respect yourself the way you are. 

What helps me is to put my hands on my heart-chakra (the area in the middle of your chest on the level of your heart) and to say out loud: I AM WHO I AM. It also helps me to say this affirmation in my mind when I'm together with people who are very different from me. This way I don't feel compelled to conform with them (their behaviours, opinions) and it helps me to stay true to myself. 


Now, I would love to know if you have any tricks that help you cope better with your sensitivity. Leave me a comment and tell me what you do to stay sane. 


Lots and lots of Love, 

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