This weekly habit keeps me sane, creative....and transforms my clients' lives!

written by Paula Hartmann


I want to tell you my secret.


I have a weekly habit that is pretty unique. When I talk with other people about it (especially with other moms) I see the look on their face that says, “Really?” And I’m sure that this habit is the reason why I’m a relatively relaxed and creative mom/partner.


Wanna know what I’m talking about?


Each week I spend an entire day on my own. Yes, you heard right. No kids, no partner, no chores, no cooking, no cleaning. On this day, I only do things that bring me joy. 


I know this sounds crazy, especially when you think, you don’t have time for just doing nothing, but what if I told you, that this is the secret to not only have more fun, but also to have better relationships, better health (mental and physical) and more success. 


In my new video I will talk about what makes this habit so special and how to implement it into your life. This is required watching from your loving mentor!




Spending time on your own is so important. It will help you to reflect on your life, will make you come up with ideas and insights and will boost your vibes to the next level. 


After coming home from a whole day of having fun, you will notice how you interact differently with the people around you. You’re more at ease, more forgiving, more loving and more strong to go about the things on your agenda that might be challenging. 


Moreover you’re forced to ask yourself: “What is really fun for me?”, “What do I even enjoy doing?” and so you’re getting to know yourself better and better every week.


This will unleash new resources of energy and you might suddenly wonder why you feel so much more alive and creative. You might even find out things about yourself that are completely new to you. A new fondness, a new hobby etc. 


The more joy you experience, the more joy you attract. It’s an upward spiral and I can see the weekly transformation in all my clients. I see it in their mood, but even in their faces. Suddenly they feel more motivated and enthusiastic about everything and their eyes are sparkling again. 


Check out the assignment that I share in my video and you will feel an increase in your aliveness in only two weeks.


If you have reasons why you can’t possibly do this, see at as resistance. Our egos are always trying to hold us back from living a life that feels like coming home. 


If you feel like you want to be guided by a mentor, you can find more info about my coaching program here. Let’s schedule a Skype call and chat about your dreams, your struggles and how you want to be of service for the world. 


I'm here for you.


So much love!

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