Ideas are not just random thoughts. Here is why you need to take them more seriously!

written by Paula Hartmann 


How many “crazy” ideas have you had in the last ten years that you didn’t act on?


Opening a cafe? Running your own flower shop? Moving to a different country? Studying art? Doing a trip around the world? Starting with piano lessons? Learning how to figure skate?


I bet there were so many. 


All of us, as believers or non-believers, pray for a better life. We say, "I wish I could have more fun, more money, more peace, more success, a better relationship etc.!” But when life wants to help us through giving us ideas, we don’t listen or we don’t take them seriously. Our inner critic says, “You’re a dreamer. It's not possible. This is just a crazy idea.”


What if we got it all wrong and ideas are not just random thoughts? What if they are our inner guidance talking to us trying to stir us into a better direction?


Today I want to talk about what ideas really are. Keep reading and I will show you how to generate more ideas and how to make them happen faster. 


Ready? Grab yourself a pen and make some notes.


Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love has a theory about ideas. She says, that they are energy fields that look for a perfect receiver who will be able to manifest them into reality. If this is true, it means, we’re not the creator of our ideas and don’t have to come up with them. Instead, the only thing we need to do in order to be more creative, is to open our receiving channels. But how do we do that?


Here are a few recommendations:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air
  • Relaxing
  • Self-care activities that make you feel good


Also, if we realize that these ideas come to us from a higher source, we feel more responsible to act on them. They’re like unborn babies that want to come into this world and we need to nurture them, give them love and attention. Then they will grow and lead us to a more abundant life.


For me ideas are like whispers of my guardian angels who want to support me in every decision. They want me to have more fun and help me to improve my life. I make a daily effort to write them down in my journal and to check on them at least once a week. 


I act on them even if they seem crazy or unachievable, because I know that they want to support me on my journey.


Open your receiving channels and you will become an idea-mashine and come up with solutions to all of your problems, no matter how small or big they seem. 


So much love, 

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