Protect your creative dreams from small-minded people! Here is how.


Sometimes I wish I could be a little angel on your shoulder whispering words of encouragement in your ear. 


I’m talking about these situations when people try to talk you out of something that is so important to you. 


These are the moments I wish I could be by your side to cheer you on, because I believe in your dreams 100%.


I know, creating something new is exhausting. Say, you’re changing your job, you’re moving to a new city, you start to study something new etc. - this is when we feel vulnerable and when we’re easily affected by negative vibes around us.


If we don’t know how to protect us from this negativity, it can cause us to not follow through with the project that is so dear to our heart. 


But, I won’t let this happen. I want you to know, that there is an effective way to cope with negative people. There are a few tricks that can help you to not be influenced by the complainers and nay-sayers.


So the first thing I want you to realize is, that you're passions are not random and that they are your soul's assignment. If people around you think otherwise, that's their business. The more you trust that you are supposed to follow your joy, the less you will take it seriously, when people people try to talk you out of your creative dreams. 


Once you realize that you have a divine purpose you will know that you have a responsibility to protect your creative projects. The best way to do this is to know who you can talk to about your ideas and who not. 


I know it's hard to not let your loved ones know everything about your new ideas, but if certain people don't show unconditional support, you have to zip your lips (for now). Yes! Even if it is your partner, your mom or your best friend!


Instead of getting distracted about what other people think of your ideas, concentrate on your own path. Commit yourself to taking your self-care to the next level by pampering yourself and your body during this time of transformation. Doing activities that you enjoy and treating yourself as something very precious is the key to building up a shield of joy around you. The better you feel, the less you will be influenced by people trying to get you down. 


You will literally start glowing and become unshakable.


So, let's look at these powerful tools again:


  1. Change your perspective: You're passions are not random. You have a responsibility to protect your creative dreams. Don't feel guilty about it.
  2. Zip your lips and only talk about your ideas with people who support you unconditionally until your ideas form into reality.
  3. Concentrate on your own path and plug your ears for "good meant advices" that want to spread fear.
  4. Treat yourself as something very precious during this time of transformation. Level up your self-care rituals. 


These tools will help you to stay on your track, no matter if people around you support you in your dreams or not. 


So much love,

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