The time before our monthly flow is a really juicy time to get in touch with ourselves - with our pain and also with our inner guidance that can give us hints of how to overcome things that don’t serve us anymore. Sometimes old patterns of thinking will bubble up to the surface that are ready to be released, so watch out for what comes up for you in these days before and during your period.


I used to look at this time as a non-productive period of the month in which I have to rest and endure mental and physical pain. Not something that I was looking forward to and definitely not something that I should be proud of or even see as a given gift. But what I found out while I was researching about this topic changed my attitude. Here is a note from author Michelle Royce who studies tribal cultures from over 5,000 years ago:


"A woman's bleeding was considered a cosmic event, relating and connecting one to the moon, the lunar cycles and the tides. She was thought to be at the height of her power at this time, and for this reason was encouraged to spend time listening to her inner voice which would often offer suggestions and wisdom which would benefit the whole tribe.”


The word menstruation comes from the Greek word menus, which has three meanings: Month, moon and power. 


Nowadays, most of us women are so disconnected from nature and ourselves that we don’t see this time of the month as the height of our power as Michelle Royce puts it. We rather see it as a time of weakness considering that in our Western society productivity has more worth than being connected to nature and listening to your intuition. Somebody who’s not working in our society is not considered to be worthy of appreciation. In ancient times this was different. Women were encouraged to leave the tribe for days to get in touch with their inner guidance. This time of the month was considered sacred - for the male and the female population. 


So how exactly do you get in touch with this inner voice? 


Well, sometimes you get forced to listen to it, like me last month.


Two days before my last menstruation I pinched a nerve in my lower back which was extremely painful and brought me to a complete stop. I wasn’t able to do anything. No cleaning, no cooking, no going out. So I sat on the couch and did nothing. 


The miracle of doing nothing is that your inner guidance can finally talk to you because you’re not busy doing a million things and you can’t distract yourself from your thoughts. So I sat and listened. 


I also used the time to tap on my back pain. If you haven’t heard of tapping, it’s also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is a self-healing technique that can be used to heal physical and emotional pain, addictions, fears and limiting beliefs. I wrote an article about it here: 


What Is EFT? And How To Use It To Heal Yourself From Physical And Emotional Pain


While I was tapping on my back pain I became really emotional about something that seemed to have nothing to do with my physical pain. Out of nowhere I felt a wave of intense loneliness washing over me. 


Thoughts came up like: Nobody really cares for me, nobody really loves me, it doesn’t matter if I exist or not. I allowed myself to feel all of these emotions that came bubbling up, but to be honest it was painful. 


It took me 15 minutes of tapping, breathing and sobbing to completely calm down. Afterwards I felt extremely tired - as if I just came out on the other side of a battlefield. But I also felt much lighter, literally as if somebody had lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. 


You might ask yourself: Why should I look at my pain and my thoughts that don’t make me feel good? Wouldn’t I get even more upset if I concentrated on them? Wouldn’t this make me feel even worse?


Something happens when you pay attention to what you interpret as “negative emotions”. It’s also called spiritual alchemy. Through becoming aware of your thoughts and your emotions you are able to disconnect from them and see them as what they are; energy fields that come and go. You will then come to a point where you don’t feel this emotion anymore just through looking at it and accepting it. If, on the other hand you distract yourself from these emotions by always being busy and pretending they’re not there, they will become even stronger and more painful.


Through looking at my loneliness and ultimately allowing myself to feel it, it passed through me like a wave. And I was able to feel peaceful again.


"Each cycle provides a woman with the opportunity to understand and read the messages her body gives her for any specific healing she needs." (Quote from the community of www.moonsong.com)


So the next time you’re coming closer to your moon flow and you start feeling a little cranky or you can’t sleep, spend some time on your own, allow yourself to feel whatever comes up and watch your thoughts and emotions non-judgmentally. Take a walk and explain to your loved ones that you need to be alone for a while. Be with your pain and surround it with love and acceptance. This is how you heal it. 


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