Reawaken Your Creativity: Interview with Candace Bell


Meet the inspiring nutritionist and visual artist Candace Bell in my first episode of Show & Share - a platform that allows normal people like you and me to show their talents and share their journey. 


In today’s interview, we talk about this “deliciously itchy energy” called creativity, what inspired Candace to become a nutritionist and the every day blessings and struggles of a self-employed multi-passionate woman.


If you wonder what a day looks like in Candace’s life (she told me that she has never had a 9-5 job before) get ready for this and be inspired. 

Besides offering one-on-one sessions for holistic nutritional advice Candace is hosting educational dinner parties, teaching cooking and art classes and is the founder of a women’s circle that happens every second Sunday in Liberty Village, Toronto.


For more info, go to her website or get inspired by her art at  


You can connect with Candace through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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