The Greatest Obstacle To Freedom Is Our Own Fear Of Freedom


Living your purpose doesn't mean you have to leave your well-paid job in order to do some sort of artistic work and then struggle to make money for the rest of your life. No. (Although that sounds like my life!)


Living your purpose means "to be at peace". If your current job is putting you in a situation where you're unable to feel at peace, then look for something that can offer you that. Money is definitely not going to bring you the peace you’re looking for. I think 99% of my friends earn more money than I do and I don't think that any of them are more at peace. So money shouldn't be the number one priority on your list of things to achieve.


Peace should be number one and everything that contributes to it. Maybe it's only working four hours a day and living in a smaller apartment. Maybe it's going for a stroll through your neighbourhood and greeting your neighbours once a day. I have no idea what peace means to you and it's really none of my business.


Tom Hodgkinson says in his book 'How to be free':


"Perhaps the greatest obstacle to freedom is our own fear of freedom."


Yes. I see this all the time. People are scared to be free. They're scared of what other people might think of them if they start living a life that is 100% true to themselves. They are scared of what freedom will demand of them.


"Do I have to cut back on luxuries if I want to live a free life?"


Well you might, but the luxurious things you hang on to, like eating out every night, buying a second car or an iPhone etc. are the things that are keeping you imprisoned.


You need to work in a job that you hate in order to buy all of these things that you don’t really need and you wonder why you feel so depressed all the time. You start buying more stuff to get rid of your depression, but this requires working harder because it all costs money. It's an endless cycle that will leave you more and more drained of your energy.


Instead, earn less money, buy less stuff, and concentrate on the things you love, make more time for the things that really matter. Share your apartment with other family members or friends (but only if they contribute to your peace ;-)) and dare to put joy over everything.


Worship Joy and Peace instead of money and things!


Thanks for your time!


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There is a different way of living. You don't have to work hard and spend the rest of you life in a job you don't like just to pay your bills. 


Be brave. Be you and dare to go your own way!


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