Become A Minimalist And Following Your Passion Becomes Affordable


The most important message I want to give to people is this:  Follow your passion! But to be honest, I never felt 100% confident about putting this message out there, because I know from my own experience that it can be quite tough financially to leave a 9-5 job to follow your dreams.


When I was quitting my well-paid job 10 years ago to study dance, it was super tough. For three years I was just scraping by. After that time I started teaching dance classes and life got a little bit easier, but I still didn't have a lot of money. 


Now, ten years later, guess what? I'm still scraping by. There is not much money left at the end of the month and there were times (like two days ago) when I felt that I don't have the right to tell people to follow their passion. I was feeling fake about preaching something that could put people in an uncomfortable situation, especially because I know that these days money is so important for people.


So, I'm being super honest with you: If you follow your dreams, there is absolutely no guarantee that you are going to have a stable financial situation.  By stable I mean not having to worry about how you are going to pay your bills 6 months from now. Some folks make good money doing work they love, some don't. So I'm not gonna lie to you and say that you can become rich if you just do what makes you happy.


With all the struggles I went through in the last 10 years, it seems almost radical that my message remains the same:


Follow your passion!


People might look at me and think: "Is she still preaching the same thing? Does she have any money in her bank account yet? Is she finally making the big bucks from this "following-your-dream-thing"?


My answer is: No. I'm not. 


If you measure your life's quality by the numbers you have in your bank account, my suggestion might sound insane to you. But if you feel that despite all the money that you accumulated over the last ten years by working for a big company, your life lacks enthusiasm, joy, abundance, aliveness and happiness, you should consider this:


Put joy over everything. 


Move into a smaller apartment. 


Start a flat share.


Get a part time job. 


Earn less money. 


Make more time to do the things you enjoy. 


Spend more time with the people you love. 


Risk something.


Challenge yourself. 


Commit to live a regret-free life.


Money is so overrated. The moment I started to follow my passion my life became adventurous, exciting and richer than I've ever imagined it to be. I met the most amazing people and I learned a ton about myself. It was tough, yes, but not as tough as living a mediocre life.


If you become a minimalist then following your passion will become affordable. 


Obviously not everyone in this world can be "successful" and money-rich (otherwise these words wouldn't even have meaning anymore), but everyone can make the decision to earn less and have more freedom. With more freedom comes more joy. At the end of the day, joy, peace and love are the only things we really long for. 


It's up to you. You can live a simple life and have a lot of fun or you can make money in a job you hate, buy yourself a new pair of shoes every month and deny your desire to create


Make joy your first priority.


Love and Hugs, 

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