The Most Common Excuses People Use To Not Leave Their Soul-sucking Job


You can tell me a thousand excuses why you won’t leave your soul-sucking job. 


You can tell me that your colleagues are nice and that your office has the best view of the city.

You can tell me that you like the benefits; early retirement, health benefits, massages for free. I’ve heard some companies even provide free cocktails after work. I’m not kidding!

You can tell me that the job that bores you to tears is making you fulfill your dreams. Finally you can wear Prada. Finally you can travel to all the countries you’ve always wanted to see. Finally you can afford this beautiful apartment with the beautiful cushions and the designer lights over your dining table. 

You can tell me that you didn’t spend a fortune on your University degree just to throw it in the garbage and do something that’s not bringing you further in your career. 

You can tell me that not everybody can be irresponsible in this world (like me) and not give a damn shit about money and go on a search for what is really calling you.


Sure, you can tell me all these things, but if you would live your purpose, we wouldn’t even have this conversation. 


I would just see it in your eyes that you’re already doing your thing. 


There would be no need to find a million excuses. You’d just say,


“Darling, it’s obvious that I love this shit.”


And then, we would both laugh and you would tell me what’s exciting about it and we wouldn’t stop talking about how to figure it all out for you.


You know what’s frustrating to me? 


To see people wasting one day after the next of their precious time out of fear of leaving their comfort zone. They think that at a certain age you have to earn a certain amount of money and you always need to “grow” (money or career-wise) and never take a step back. 


It’s sad to see people lying to themselves over and over again. They’d rather work in a job that they don’t feel connected to. They choose to sit 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen for a big corporation for whom they are just a number. Instead, why don’t they try working for a smaller company or for themselves?  They may earn less money, but may actually find true meaning in what they do. 


The fear of earning less money or having to cut back on luxuries is so fucking big that people would rather stay in a job that is making them literally sick. I can tell you, everything has a price:  Your house, your car, and your Louis Vuitton handbag. You're trading these things for your freedom. 


Then people are wondering why they’re so scared to die, of course because they never really dared to live fully. Your soul knows this and it knows exactly what you’re not doing and what you keep telling yourself in order to not take the big leap and jump. 


Dare to jump into something new - something that might be better for you, something that is calling you. Don’t waste your talents for a big corporation that doesn’t care if you’re there or not. You could use all of your talents to make this world a little bit more beautiful, joyful, fair, or clean - I don’t know what you’re good at. 


Your desires are implanted in you to be of service to the world in the highest possible way. Don’t waste them. 


Get a part time job and figure out what you wanna do. 


Take some time away from your life and ask yourself who you really are.


Maybe you are going to earn less money. So what? 


You are going to write me an email in half a year, moved to tears, telling me that you’ve finally jumped and that it feels fucking amazing to be alive again.


Love and Light,


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