Your Inner Critic – The Enemy Of Creativity


Do you think that you’re a creative person?


If not, you were most likely raised by people who told you that you’re not creative or you spent a lot of time in an environment that didn’t support your natural given talents.


Every child that is born on this planet is highly creative and we underestimate the effect that criticism or indifferent behaviour have on our kids or people in our community.


It just takes a handful of people to tell you that you’re not talented, that what you’re doing is a waste of time or offer some harsh criticism so you might never want to create something in your life again. 


That’s sad, because the only point of this life is to create.


Creating things is a human need and I would even say that a life without being creative is not rewarding.


I had a tutor in high school that was a pretty smart and tough woman. She seemed to know everything and taught me a lot. I highly respected her because she was always prepared, she seemed to always have the right answers for everything and she took teaching very seriously. I liked that. She put a lot of effort into our class in comparison to other teachers who didn’t care if we learned something or not. 


But there was one time she literally shamed me in front of the whole class. I remember I was in grade 9 and we had to write our first longer essay. She stood in front of us and was really upset holding all of the corrected essays in her hands. She said something like how disappointed she was in most of us and that she expected something better. She started talking about one particular essay and all the terrible mistakes the student had made. After complaining about it for a couple of minutes, she flapped the bundle of papers on my table and gave me the “I’m so disappointed in you” look. 


I wanted to cry.  I think I actually did. I took everything this woman said as the truth because I trusted her judgment and opinion.  So I thought, she must be right. 


Now I think, she made a mistake. She might have been a cool teacher most of the time, but on that particular day she misused her power and definitely crushed my confidence. I can even see now, that she was probably so hard on us because she was too hard on herself in the first place. She was definitely a perfectionist.


I remember that my best friend Julia had to endure a similar situation. Our math teacher told her that she should give up on math completely as she would never make it past the 10% mark. Instead of motivating her, this woman crushed even her last little bit of hope. 


All of these moments have an impact on us, even if we are aware of it or not. It can lead us to think that we’re not smart or creative. It can hinder us from following our true desires and our dreams because a voice within is telling us: “You’re not creative. You only produce disappointing results. You will never get better at this or that…”


This voice doesn’t belong to you. It’s the accumulated voices of all these people who were too harsh on you, who treated you unfairly or didn’t have the right words to motivate you. The more you disassociate yourself from this voice within, also called ‘the inner critic’, the more you are able to live a life that is true to yourself


You’re highly creative. In fact you are creativity manifested in a human body.


If you don’t believe me, it’s because you have been brainwashed your whole life. Listen to your heartfelt desires! Maybe they tell you to start painting again, to start dancing or knitting or to build your own kitchen. Your creativity wants to be heard. 


If you’re an artist and you’re already doing creative work, these voices can hold you back from achieving your goals. They might come back when you’re starting a new project or when you’re almost finished your book, your album, your painting etc. Sometimes an artist isn’t even aware of that voice in his head and it shows itself in form of procrastination or finding excuses why you can’t possibly do your art. 


Observe your thoughts and you might hear your dad’s voice, your teacher’s voice - words that are critical towards you in general. That’s your inner critic and it’s worth it to give these thoughts a second look and see if they’re true. From my own experience I can say, that these thoughts are the loudest if you’re going into the direction of your true purpose and you want to create something that is really important to you.


Your own ego doesn’t want you to step into purpose. It wants you to stay in your comfort zone and it’s terrified of your soul’s desire to grow.


Creativity is what makes you feel sane and young. If you bury your instinct to create, you will bury your aliveness and you will feel like a stranger in your own life.


Keep the juices flowing!


Love and Hugs,


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