How One Magical Car Ride Changed My Attitude About Life Forever


Today I’m going to tell you a secret.


Something happened to me a few years ago, that I would definitely put into the category of a “miracle” or one of the most “magical moments” of my life. 


I was on my way home from a dance workshop I had given earlier and I remember that I felt really calm, relaxed and comfortable with myself. I was listening to Rene Aubry’s music, which is beyond words, when it suddenly happened. I would call it a vision or an insight, because it was far beyond my control. I was sitting in the car, maneuvering the steering wheel, but at the same time in front of my inner eyes I saw pictures that came just out of nowhere.


In my vision, I saw a little girl who goes into the attic of her house. She wanders around until something catches her eye. It’s a little, shiny box sticking out from under an old bed that is covered with all kinds of clutter. She opens the box and finds a pair of old glasses. She puts them on and is totally blown away. They’re not just average glasses, they’re magic glasses and through these glasses everything is colourful and vibrant. This vision was so real that I felt the Universe just gave me a big hint. 


As I’m writing this, I’m Googling “what’s the difference between a daydream and having a vision?” because I can definitely say that what I experienced was not a daydream. I was fully conscious, but I was not choosing the pictures that were popping up in my mind. It felt more like somebody switched on a TV channel.  It was kind of dangerous when I think about it now, because I can’t remember consciously driving the car :-)


Let me tell you what I found in my Google search:


"Daydreams are born out of imagination. For example, you are imagining a new car and driving it out of the dealership. Visions are often puzzling and you won't always understand the meaning of them for a long, long time.” 


Another article says: 


"The difference between a daydream and a burning vision is the courage to act.”


That’s pretty accurate. This moment in the car felt so joyful and magical that I knew that I had to act upon it. I’m not a religious person, but it felt as if God was giving me a mission to fulfill. But at that time I didn’t know how to interpret these pictures. I knew that I loved writing, so I thought I had to write a story about it. Now I know what the vision wanted to tell me.


I am that girl. I am the girl with the magic glasses. I can switch my perception of reality if I just change my lenses - meaning my thoughts and my beliefs about this world. 


In A Course in Miracles it is said:  Projection makes perception. 


What does that mean?


How you see the world really depends on yourself. You could say that everybody wears a different pair of glasses through which they perceive reality, depending on how they were raised and conditioned by their parents, their culture, their environment etc. That’s the reason why some people are sadder than others. They might have a "life is hard" attitude, thinking that life itself is punishing them. But this is far from the truth. From early on in your life, you were taught how to perceive the world. You think that your perception is objective and that you see the truth, but your sense perceptions might actually lie to you. 


What you experience in your life depends only on the lenses that you learned to look through.  If you don’t experience a life that serves you and your well-being, you can change the set you’re wearing. A lot of people don’t know this. If you wanna know more about this, I wrote a blog about this topic a while ago: Signs, Symbols and Perception: How Your Thoughts Create Your Experience!


In the next few months I’m going write a book about how life experiences are shaped by thoughts and core beliefs and I need your support. I know now that my mission is to spread this message and I want to make it available for as many people as possible. If you have a personal story to tell that shows the connection between your thoughts and your experiences, feel free to contact me. I would love to embed your story into my book. Just write me a message on Facebook or contact me under


Oh, and by the way, I’ve never written a book before and I’m kind of nervous to mess it up! I’ve been procrastinating for months.  Another reason why I’m telling you all this… I hope announcing this project in public will be the best way to finally make it happen. If you have any tips on how to write a book, please let me know. Your advice is very welcome!


May we all choose to have a great week ;-)



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