What Is EFT? And How To Use It To Heal Yourself From Physical And Emotional Pain


It’s been four weeks now since I came back from my EFT seminar in Guelph with the amazing Susan Bushell, an EFT practitioner and coach. It was an intense 4-day workshop and the first time that I was in a group of women who all talked the same language. We were chatting about energy, intuition, dreams, science and invisible forces. So much fun!!!


We were 8 ladies who all wanted to learn this new technique that’s becoming more and more popular these days. I first saw it on Gabby Bernstein’s blog, when she was tapping away her cravings for sugar (watch the video).  I also saw it in the Conquer Club, an online event from business coach Natalie McNeill, where Natalie was tapping on feelings of insecurity (watch video here, starts at 6:10). I was so fascinated by it, that I researched EFT afterwards. Now, after using it for a couple of months, I can really say it works. For the last two weeks, I even used tapping to calm down my breathing. I have asthma and I usually have to take my puffer every day. In the last two weeks I’ve used it twice. That’s amazing news for me! 



So what is EFT?


EFT is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique (also called tapping).  It is a self-healing tool that works for physical pain, phobias, fears, worries and limiting beliefs - basically every kind of suffering you can imagine. You tap on certain points of your body - also called the meridian points. The same points are used in acupuncture and are the end or beginning points of energy channels that run through your entire body. Through tapping on these points, while focusing on the pain or negative emotion, you're releasing blocks in your energy field so that your energy can flow free again. Some of these blocks might have developed as an effect to a painful moment in your childhood or any other moments in your past where your body had a shock.  Like for example; a car accident or a negative emotional experience. 


What I really like about this technique is that you don’t deny your current situation, but instead you completely accept it. 


No matter, if you’re afraid of spiders, you have a headache or you have the limiting belief that there will never be enough money.


Whatever it is, the focus is not on fixing what’s wrong with you, but to just accept and acknowledge whatever is there. I also wrote about this topic here: Why It's Important To Love Your Dark Side - A Guide To Discover Your Authentic Self


I became aware of a lot of fears I was carrying on my shoulders - some for more than 30 years - and tapping helped me to feel lighter about a lot of issues. Some of them don’t feel as intense anymore.  


The best thing about EFT is that you don’t need anything except your hands for practicing it. Also, it’s very empowering. You ultimately realize that you can’t change anybody else’s behavior, but you can always change your reaction towards it. If you’re upset about somebody, you can tap on this feeling instead of blaming this person for making you feel bad. It’s taking back your responsibility. I’m a big fan of this concept and I’ve written about it in several articles, for example: Freedom Is A Choice That Comes With A High Cost: Responsibility and Did You Forget That You Have A Choice? - A Little Reminder Of Your Freedom


If you’re curious, just Google tapping or EFT and you can watch videos on different issues. Some suggestions; tapping for weight loss or money problems, etc. I started like this too, but I must say, that it’s definitely better if you do it with a practitioner first. First of all, there is another person in the room who can guide you in the right direction if you’re onto something. Second, if you hit a really high emotion, there is somebody who holds you safe and can tap with you until your feelings subside. This is the golden rule in EFT: Never stop tapping when your emotions reach a high. Tap until you feel calm again.


One Youtube channel that I really enjoyed was Brad Yates, but there are a lot of different people out there. Just go with somebody who resonates with you. 


I will keep you guys posted on my tapping progress and if you have any questions, just message me on Facebook


Happy Tapping!

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