The Biggest Mistake People Make When Using Gratitude As A Manifesting Tool


When I feel grateful, I breathe differently. The moment I feel thankful for something, let’s say I’m enjoying a ray of sunlight on my face or I eat a delicious meal, I start to breath deeper and slower and my body completely relaxes - it’s a feeling of pure bliss. At times this feeling can be so strong that it’s almost unbearable for me. Then I start crying out of sheer happiness. This happens mostly when I look at my son Luke or when he says the sweetest things to me.  For example, the other day we went to a public toilet and as I pulled up his pants he took my face in his hands and said “Mommy, you’re my best friend.” 


I’m sure you’ve heard about gratitude as one of the biggest manifesting tools to attract all the things into your life that you desire.  A lot of self-help and spiritual books talk about how important it is to be thankful. They suggest making gratitude a daily practice in your life with tools like writing a gratitude journal or creating a happiness jar.  I’m a big fan of these tools. I started writing a gratitude journal in 2006 and a what-makes-me-happy-list in 2010 (click here to read it). These tools helped me to shift my perception from ‘everything-that’s-missing-in-my-life’ to ‘everything-that’s-great-in-my-life’. The goal is to see things from a more positive perspective, creating more positive feelings and therefore attracting more positive stuff.


Using these tools is a good start, but if you want to see a real shift in your life, you have to go beyond them.


Let’s do an experiment. Try to forget the words gratitude, thankful or thank you for a moment. I want you to imagine that these words do not exist. 


These words which come out of our mouth as sounds are just symbols for the feelings that stand behind them. The true feeling that originated these words got lost. We think by saying ’thank you’, we express gratitude, but it’s not until we feel gratitude in our body, in our bones and in our cells, that we truly mean what we say.  Let’s say you write down in your gratitude book:


“I’m thankful for my house, my car, my kids and my husband.”


That’s a great start, but until you sit in your car and have a moment of stillness, looking around you, at the seats, at the steering wheel, feeling the engine’s vibration and the gratitude for your car in your body, you’re not really thankful. 


If you’re really thankful for your house, you walk though it, feel the floors under your feet, look at the different rooms, breath in the air of every room and touch the furniture with love. If you have a million belongings, you can’t do this. That’s why minimalism is becoming more popular these days. It’s not about living with less, it’s about being able to appreciate all the things you have and literally giving every single item the love and attention it deserves. 


When was the last time you looked at your partner, really looked at him/her without thinking anything but just an appreciation of his or her presence?


When was the last time you woke up in the morning with the feeling of ‘yes, I’m exactly where I should be’, stretching your muscles, breathing in the smell of your sheets, enjoying the feeling of being sleepy?


That’s real gratitude. No words needed.


When you feel gratitude, you automatically raise your vibration. The Law of Attraction says that you attract things or people with the same vibration. That means, the more you love this moment, the more you appreciate the people and the things that are close to you right now, the more joy you’ll attract into your life. For a lot of people, the law of attraction doesn’t work because they are so far away from the actual feeling. They become so separated from their inner body that they can’t feel real love and gratitude. They talk about it, but they don’t know what these man-made symbols called words really mean. 


Wherever you are right now, close your eyes for a few moments and allow your body to appreciate all of your sensations. 


Right now I’m holding a cup of tea in my hands, I’m sitting on a cozy couch and I’m breathing easily.  It’s still, my dog Carly is snoring on her bed and the light is dimmed. It’s simple, but it’s wonderful. By observing and appreciating this moment, you give thanks. No words needed.


If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. 

Meister Eckhart, German Philosopher 1260-1328


Love and gratitude (and I mean it),


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