If You Want To Achieve Your Goals In 2016, You Need Enough Money, Time And Energy. Here Is How You Can Set Yourself Up For A Year Of Success!


Hey Dear,


It's not about how much money, time or energy you have. It's about HOW you will use your resources this year to make your life easier, more joyful and abundant. A lot of people spend tons of money, energy and time on things that are not important to them. They do things that tire them out and then they buy tons of shit to

compensate this feeling of being exhausted.


The first priority in your life should be to FEEL GOOD.


In order to feel good, you have to keep asking yourself every day:




If you're honest with yourself, a lot of things on your to-do-list

probably don't fall into this category. Imagine you could delete

everything out of your life that doesn't make you feel good - for



  • a shitty job
  • unhealthy spending on things you don't need 
  • organizing and cleaning all the things you've bought
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • watching too much TV
  • spending time with people that are negative
  • unhealthy eating habits


If you cleared out some of the less beneficial items on your list, you would have so much time, money and energy left over to do what really matters to you.


You have the whole year to figure out what makes you feel good

and what doesn’t. Review every single day before you go to bed

and ask yourself if you spent your resources in a way that

nourished your body, your soul and your spirit; if you find that

you made a wrong choice, don’t become discouraged. Just start all over the next morning.


For me, improving habits takes time; it's usually trial and error, and to be honest, sometimes I need weeks or even months to figure out simple, but important adjustments - for example, that spending my money on organic food is better for me than spending money on a new shirt - or that going for a walk feels better than sitting at home. It's these little things that improve the quality of my every day life.


If you are often telling yourself "I don't have enough money," or "I don't have enough time" make an effort to find out

where you are spending your money and your time. Maybe you're right, and you don't have a lot of it - but maybe the reason is that you're wasting these precious resources on things that don't contribute to your life in meaningful ways.


I used to complain about not having enough time to write, but then I noticed that there was still enough time to spend hours a week scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, or going to a store and trying on clothes. Now I try to use every moment I have for things that matter to me. The other day, I wrote my entire blog in my 20-minute-subway-ride to work. I thought, if I really wanna write, I have to make time for it – no matter what.


It's always a matter of perspective.


You have "enough," if you know that you can create "enough. "


You are not a victim of your circumstances, but the creator of your

circumstances. You are in charge of your time, your money, and

your energy.


I'm committed to making  2016 an amazing year. I wanna feel good on a daily basis, and I'm not tolerating a ton of so-so-days



What about you?


I have the feeling you wanna feel good too. Let's do this together.

Let’s create a life that you can fall in love with.


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With all my heart,

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