7 Steps To Get A Life (Job) That Is In Alignment With Your Soul


Hey Sweetheart,


Here is what I think:


Your soul wants you to reach your highest possible potential in this lifetime. In fact your soul is your highest potential communicating with you through your intuition and your feelings. It ultimately wants you to become yourself - the best version of yourself. 


The problem is that we don’t really listen to this little voice inside of us that keeps giving us hints. Instead we make decisions based on morals, based on what other people tell us, or what’s seems to be normal in our society. Basically, we were all taught to trust other people’s opinions more than our own feelings.


And then you turn 25 or 35 and suddenly you think: Fuck! Why do I feel that something is missing in my life?


Well, what’s missing in your life is YOU.


So how do you know that you’re NOT in alignment with what your soul wants you to do?


  • You have no motivation to get out of bed
  • You have no enthusiasm throughout your day
  • You’re bored
  • You feel stuck
  • You feel that every day is just another cycle of chores. (This reminds me of Sisyphus, the guy from the Greek Mythology who is doomed to roll a huge stone up a steep hill, only to watch it roll back down, repeating this action for eternity.)
  • You feel an emptiness inside of you that you usually try to fill with shopping, eating, watching TV, exciting adventures or another romantic relationship


If this sounds somewhat familiar, you've probably shut down your own inner guidance system a long time ago. But the good news is, that it will never stop knocking on your door. You just have to learn to pay attention to it again. The following 7 steps will help you to find your way back home.


Here we go!


1. Take your desires seriously

One way your soul is communicating with you is through your desires. They’re like a ticking reminder for what you’ve signed up for before you were born into this body. You can see them as a navigation system that leads you through the jungle of possibilities.


The problem is that the word desire steers up a lot of negative associations in us. It’s almost as if it’s demonized to have desires in our society and that’s why a lot of people are afraid to follow them. They’re scared that they'll end up in a big hot mess. (I should mention here, that I’ve been in this big hot mess before, but isn’t this what makes life interesting ;-))


Answer these four questions:


  1. What are you secretly dreaming of?
  2. What are you positively addicted to? Maybe you love to read about certain topics or you can’t go a day without working out.
  3. When do you feel most yourself?
  4. Is there something you get really enthusiastic about? Maybe you get excited when you talk about a certain topic with a friend. 


Watch out for these little hints!


2. Make your desires a priority in your life

It doesn’t have to be the highest priority, but at least give your desires some space. Work minimum one hour per week on something that is really important to you. Then stock up to two or three hours per week and so on.


3. Eliminate all distractions

It’s scary to go on a quest for your true purpose, because it usually means that you have to get out of your comfort-zone - Big times! That’s why we’re really good at distracting us from the fact that we’re not aligned with what we really want.


Although we feel that something is wrong and we’re not satisfied with how we live our lives, it seems to be too painful to change something.


Common distractions are

  • Concentrating on what other people do wrong in their lives
  • Creating drama in your relationships
  • Going on adventures, parties, etc.
  • Spending money on things you don't need and focusing on making your outer world look nice 


4. Trust your intuition and ask for guidance

In 2011 my intuition told me to quit all my dance jobs and take a break. I went to NYC for the summer, sat in Cafes and observed people’s behaviours. I wrote all my thoughts down in a journal. This was extremely satisfying for me.


After I returned to Germany I was broke and needed a job. It was clear that I didn’t wanna start teaching dance again. There was no pull towards dancing so I started working in an ice cream shop. I had tons of time on the side to write, to read and to just sit around and contemplate - this was exactly what I wanted and needed at that time. To my friends and family it probably looked like I was completely lost and to be honest, I was lost. I was confused what to do with my life, but I also knew that my intuition had never let me down before. I was brave enough to trust my inner voice despite all the pressure of the world that said “Go back to work, make a normal living etc.” 


What really helped me, was sitting down with myself and asking for guidance. I would just close my eyes and ask the Universe: “What do you want me to do?” The answer was: “Be patient. You’re right on track. Just trust that everything is exactly how it should be”. 


My suggestion is: Spend more time alone and start communicating with yourself more. You’ll be surprised what your authentic YOU wants you to do. One way to get in contact with yourself is for example through meditating, writing a journal, dancing and spending time in nature.


5. Forget about all you have learned

I don’t know what family or society you grew up in, but please consider that a lot of the things you've learned throughout your life are bullshit. Maybe you learned that it’s good to have a house and two kids when you’re 30. Maybe you learned, that you need to work 40 hours a week to make enough money. Maybe the people around you told you that following your dreams is risky and dumb and won’t bring in the money you need to live a good life. Maybe you learned that it’s important to make your parents happy. Maybe you think you have to always be a nice girl. Well, this is one sort of life you can live and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If it calls you, do it! But if not, there are a million other ways to spend your limited time. Your life’s goals should derive from your inner desires that make you feel good. So if you find out what makes you feel good, you can start making new plans. These plans might demand a completely different way of living. So be open for an alternative way of existence.


6. Don’t panic if things get uncomfortable

Things will definitely get uncomfortable. Sometimes following your intuition will involve that you have to downsize your belongings. If you’re working less many hours in your day job to have more time for your true calling, you will obviously earn less money. You might not be able to afford your own apartment or trips or new clothes. This can be frustrating, especially if you have been living a different lifestyle for so long. You might also have to move to a different city away from your friends and family. This can be hard too. All these things will make you stronger and wiser and will bring you closer to the courageous person you really are. If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be this: Don’t be afraid. Don’t panic, if things get uncomfortable. There is always a solution for every problem. Actually, life always helped me out when I was brave. 


Please, don’t hesitate to contact me, if things get really bad. I went through all this myself. I survived with 10 Euros in my pocket, wondering how I would pay the next rent. I went through a lot of pain (mentally and physically), I didn’t have a lot of support when I quit my job to start a new life and I felt terribly alone. If you feel alone too, just write me an email or contact me through Facebook. Seriously! 


7. Keep moving

The reward you’ll get for aligning yourself with your true purpose is way bigger than what you’ll get from staying in your comfort zone. I’m not gonna tell you that you’ll become a millionaire if you follow your passion, but you’ll become a more abundant person in other ways. And even if it takes months or years, money will come to you, if you stay true to yourself. 


If you feel stuck in one of the above-mentioned 7 stages, write me a personal message or subscribe to my newsletter. I'm regularly posting articles with relating topics on my website and on my Facebook page. 


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