The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman - Meaning You! Here is how...


Hey Hun,


I don’t know what’s going on with our planet, but I feel that something is happening - something quite the opposite of what we’re perceiving in the mainstream media.


Just this morning I opened my Facebook page and I saw articles about people shooting each other, mass pollution, animal cruelty etc. I’m shocked by how insane people are and I’m sad about what other human beings have to go through every day. We definitely live in a cruel world and it seems to get worse and worse. But at the same time, I feel that there is an armee arising - it’s an armee of light workers who somehow manage to elevate their vibrations to a higher level. In other words, they have over all more positive thoughts, attitudes and actions. 


I noticed, for example, that a lot of my Facebook friends post articles about conscious living, conscious eating, conscious buying etc. This gives me hope.


There are so many hints that things are beginning to change. Every time I go to the book store the self-help section seems to be larger. There must be a higher demand for these books. People wanna know more about how to have a loving relationship, how to mediate, how to get aware of your self-sabotaging behaviours and how to find your life’s purpose.


I sometimes watch Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday where she talks about spiritual topics and I think, “When did Oprah stop making talk shows? And when did she start getting into all that stuff?” For me these are little clues that we’re in the middle of a revolution. 


The world needs a change and more than ever this change wants to be manifested by men and women equally. For the first time in history, the feminine energy reaches a new strength and courage. Women all over the world are starting new businesses, getting more involved into politics and taking leading positions in international corporations. I’m so excited to be living in this time. 


“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” These words from the Dalai Lama from 2009 seem bold, but I believe in them. 


The only reason why our world is so messed up is that there is no balance between the male and the female energy. 


Tara Sophia Mohr writes in the Huffington Post:


"We in the West we have the financial resources, political power, education and access to technology that is needed to relieve the tremendous suffering in the world. And who in the West is going to do that work? We women have the hearts, the empathy and the collaborative capacity to do it. We also have the talent, the wisdom and the brilliance needed -- though we often doubt it.”


You might think, “I can’t change anything. Who am I to make an impact in the world? I can’t even finish my housework or get my kids to school on time."


Really, I get all that, but let’s just try to shift our perception for one moment. 


You and I have the ability to read, to write, to use the Internet, to communicate in several different languages and to connect to people on the other side of the world. Both of us just need to press a button to flush the toilet or start the dishwasher. We don’t live in fear of dying tomorrow or to not have enough food for our kids. We feel pretty save. We can concentrate on other things than just surviving. We have a job, we make money, we have time to read articles on the Internet and do some fun activities on the side. We spend hours buying Christmas presents, so we’re doing pretty good, right?


What I wanna say is: Who, if not us, is supposed to make this world a better place? Nobody else will, because nobody has the same opportunities we have.  


The first step to become more aware of what the world needs, is to become more aware of what YOU need. 


Marianne Williamson says in her latest book "The Law of Divine Compensation" that the Universe is self-organizing and self-correcting, that for every problem there is already a solution at hand. I believe that the salvation of the world is already here - encoded in the heartfelt desires of every soul. Maybe you're interested in Yoga or Meditation. Maybe what you really wanna do is rescue animals, write poems or be a financial adviser. No matter what it is, with your true calling you gonna help all of us. You gonna spread more positive vibes and fulfill your function.  


It’s time for you to embrace your talents, to shine them wildly into the world and be an example for other women who are still too shy to follow their inner truth or never considered to play it big in the first place. 


Be the light! Make a difference! Dare to trust that your desires are there for a reason!


It’s your shining time!


Tons of Love, 


Ho Ho Ho! 


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