What Does Your Happiness Depend On? - Or How To Be Happy For No Reason

Hey Ladies,

All my life up till now I have been an expert at letting my happiness depend on all kinds of external factors. 

Here is a list of things that used to make me upset and some of them still have the power to pull me down:

  1. The attention I got from the male species. I got upset, because it was always either too much attention or not enough. Once I cried for six hours straight because a guy didn't wanna see me anymore :-)
  2. Other people's moods. If they were "happier" than me, I got into a bad mood for thinking that I'm not on their level. If they were downers, I held them responsible for dragging me down with them. Insanity!!!
  3. The look of my body. The size of my jeans or the numbers on the scale - these stupid things were able to ruin my whole day.
  4. What other people thought, said or didn't say about me. What other people think, say or don't say about you has only to do with their ability to express love. It has actually nothing to do with you. If you get upset about other people's weird perception of you, you make it seem, as if you believe them.
  5. The size of my dirty dishes pile. I thought that my desire of  having a clean house totally justifies me getting mad at my boyfriend or anybody else I lived with. Sorry guys! I'm still working on embracing the chaos and the dirt :-)
  6. Other people's behaviours. When people didn't treat me with respect, were selfish or greedy, I used to get mad. (used to? Haha, let's be honest: this is a tough one)
  7. The amount of people that showed up for my dance classes. Somehow I felt less cool or loved when I had to teach in front of three people instead of 25. I confused my performance as a teacher with my self-worth. Stupid, but true!
  8. The amount of money I had on my bank account. I would lie to you if I said, that I don't get stressed out over a few stupid numbers on a screen.
  9. How many comments I got on my Facebook page. Yep, I used to allow these numbers to drag me down.
  10. The presence or absence of certain people. I was either missing people or I was annoyed by them. It's as if I refused to be happy with the people who were there.
  11. My health. When I'm sick, something inside of me says "this shouldn't be" and this resistance towards the illness makes being sick even worse. Nowadays, for example, I'm way more relaxed that I have asthma, that I have to use a puffer and that I'm not able to do every sport. It's not the end of the world.

All these things were able to make me upset. But there is an awareness arising in me right now - a subtle divine voice that tells me:


Who ever taught you that your inner peace is linked to things that happen outside of yourself was wrong. We were all programmed to think in such a way, because that was and still is the prevalent example all around you.

Maybe your parents told you that if they had just more money, they could be more happy.

Maybe you learned that it's "normal" that other people's mood swings should affect your inner peace. When our parents used to get upset over our emotional roller coasters we went through as kids, we had the perfect example. 

Imagine you would be your own source of happiness and peace all the time!

Would you still work over hours in a job that is very tiring in order to pay your mortgage?

Would you still hide your true light because of your fear to be rejected?

I'm sure not. You would create a completely different life, maybe with less money but more fun.

If you're fed up with riding on an emotional rollercoaster every day, please consider the possibility that the only person who is in charge of your own wellbeing is you. Nobody else can make you upset, if you don't allow it. 

So let's see how far you can get after you've read this article without getting annoyed by something or someone. How long are you willing to allow peace in your life?

How many good vibes can you take?

Have a beautiful day!

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