FACTS or EXCUSES? - 4 reasons why it's impossible to make money doing what you love


I get the clearest ideas when I'm jogging.


The other day, it was just the road and me and I was alone with my thoughts. I came up with the idea to write down every excuse people could have to not make money doing what they love.


Here are a few you can probably relate to:


  1. I have NO TIME to work on my passion.
  2. I'm too old to start something new.
  3. The stuff I'm really into doesn't make any money.
  4. I need money first to be able to create something.


I hear combinations of these excuses all the time and not only from others. Regularly my own mind spits out new reasons to keep me away from becoming the happiest version of myself.


Today I want you to write down every reason you can find why it's impossible for you to follow your dreams. You will probably find more than these four.


After you've made a list of all of them, have a look at one at a time and ask yourself:




Is it really true that I have no time at all to work on my passion?

Is it really true that I'm too old to reawaken this old dream of mine?

Is it really true that there is no way to turn my passion into a service or a product?

Is it really true that I need money to start something?


When you change your mind about what's possible and what's not, miracles will happen. And I don't mean miracles in a sense that you can turn water into wine, but you will suddenly start seeing opportunities where there were limitations before. 


Marianne Williamson says:

"A miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to                 love." 


What does that mean? 


It means, that if you open your mind and you really wanna do this one thing, then there is always a solution. What do you think?


  • Maybe you can actually reorganize your time and give your passion a higher priority in your day.
  • Maybe your age is an advantage in the field you'd like to work in.
  • Maybe there are people who already make money doing what you love.
  • Maybe there is enough money to start or there are alternative ways to gather money.


I know that you think your reasons are real and they seem like solid facts to you, but mostly they are just limiting beliefs. 


Here are a few limiting thoughts that I had in the last two months:


  • I have no time to workout.
  • I don't have the time to publish one article a week.
  • I need money to draw attention to my website.
  • I need to look more professional, so that people take me seriously.


All these thoughts were mostly bullshit. You know why?


I made time to workout. I got more writing done than ever. I got so many ideas how to promote myself without having to spend too much money and people are responding to my articles although I'm "just" myself.


You wanna know how I did it?


I deeply committed to make loving what I do a priority in my life. That's it!


If you have a good reason why you can't follow your dreams and you think it's definitely not just an excuse, write me a message on my Facebook profile or leave me a comment. 


Shine your light!

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