11 small changes I made in order to feel good every day!  (If you can't handle TMI, don't read no. 4)


Hey Hun,


If you would make feeling good your biggest goal of the day, you wouldn't do all these stupid things - things that make you feel like shit, that make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, things that make you feel sad, depressed and anxious.


If you really wanna feel better, you have to start changing the things you do daily. Everything that gives you mental or physical pain can be transformed. But the first step is to acknowledge the pain or irritation you have. How does this work?


When you get aware of a negative feeling, ask yourself if you can do something about it. We often think we have no choice, but in 99% of the cases, we are suffering for no reason.


Here, I give you a few examples what I did to get rid of some uncomfortable feelings. And don't laugh! You might think, I'm going a little bit far with this, but that's how serious I am about "feeling good".


  1. First of all, I don't drink caffeine anymore. It took me approx. 150 trials to stop drinking coffee and this although caffeine makes me feel like shit. I get nervous and shaky and my heart pumps double speed. That's why I'm only having one or two decaffeinated coffees per day.
  2. I hardly wear handbags anymore. I noticed that they get really heavy plus you never have your hands free. Not only that your heavy handbags can cause massive neck pains, but have you ever watched older women wearing their purses on only one side of their body? Their whole spine is twisted and their posture is often bad. That's why I decided to wear a backpack for most of the time and I try to keep it as light as possible.
  3.  No high heels (with exceptions maybe twice a year) Yes they make you look taller and slimmer and all that stuff, but they hurt. Don't sacrifice feeling good for looking good! 
  4. I don't wear thongs anymore :-). When I started dancing I gave up wearing them, because they didn't allow special parts of my body to breath very well. My body is very happy about cotton panties. I know that a lot of girls don't like it when you see them shining through your pants, but hey, do you wanna feel good, or what?
  5. I go pee when I have to. Be honest! How many times do you wait till it's almost too late? Give yourself permission to stop doing what you think is more important. Feeling good is the most important.
  6. No food or drinks to go. I keep walking and eating separate. Trust me, your body will thank you!
  7. Yesterday I read a job offer for a yoga studio. Besides asking the applicant for being on time, open-minded and organized, they wanted somebody who is able to multi-task. For me multi-tasking is the dumbest thing that was ever invented. Please make sure that you do one thing after the other. You will be more at peace and actually more efficient if you delete multi-tasking out of your life.
  8. I don't sleep in anymore. Every person has a different rhythm, but I found out for me, that if I sleep in or longer than 8 hours, I actually feel more tired, depressed and less motivated. You have to find out what's best for you.
  9. This is a fairly new change for me. I don't tuck in my belly anymore. You can't breath well and you can get stomach pains from it. 
  10. I avoid gossiping.
  11. I don't watch TV anymore. Does this sound crazy to you? Most of the shows that are being played contribute to make you feel scared, sad or terrified. No thanks! I'd rather feel relaxed, calm and safe. Did you ever wonder what part of you wants to see other people being killed or hurt? Why are people so drawn to experience pain - even if it's just on the screen.


I could go on with more stuff, but I just wanted to give you a few examples that show that you don't always have to make BIG changes to feel better. 


Listen more to your body and less to what other people tell you. I also avoid buying gossipy magazines that show famous women in their "perfect" shape. Nobody looks like that and that's why it makes no sense to compare yourself with a fake photo.


What I wanna say is: Question everything around you and ask yourself if the things you do on a daily basis really make sense. Maybe you do a lot of stuff just because you think it's normal or everybody around you is doing the same (like watching TV, going shopping every weekend, buying magazines etc).


Come back home and make "feeling good" the first priority in your life.


You deserve to feel amazing every single minute of your day!


Love you guys, 


Your work hours fill a big part of your day. If you wanna make "feeling good" the first priority in your life, but at the same time, you know that your job is not the right for you or even makes you feel sick, it's time to act.


Let me help you with this, because quitting your job doesn't fall under the category "small change". I totally understand, that it's nothing you can figure out over night. That's why I created an online-program that will help you to find your true genius and how to implement it into your life. If you're interested and you wanna learn more about it, click here!


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