Are you a commitment-phobe? Here is what you need to know to get over your fear of making the right decision!

Hey guys, 

I recently talked to a lot of ladies who all seem to struggle with the same thing: they can't commit. Being in a situation where you can choose between two guys, two jobs, two different lifestyles can drive you insane. So how do you know what or who to decide for?

From my own experience I can say that if everything in your life is in peace, meaning all your relationships, you have more mind space to ask yourself the really important questions:

  • Who do I really want to be?
  • What is really important to me?
  • What do I want to create in this world?

I can tell you this: If you don't get out of this in-between-zone where you're not sure what you really want, you will have no energy left to focus on your own path. 

The ego always wants to produce drama. That's how it keeps you distracted from your true purpose.

I always thought I'm committed to my boyfriend till I realized that every time he didn't react in the perfect way or didn't want what I wanted, I had thoughts like:

  • "How can I get out of this?"
  • "There must me something better than this."

The moment I committed to him 100% with every thought and every action, something changed. Not only that our relationship got better, but also my purpose became more and more clear to me.

When you commit to things and you pour your whole heart into something - this can be your partner or your job - it will be transformed.

Bring your life in order! Be honest to people! Clean up all your shit! Decide what you want and commit to it!

Don't leave the back door open!

This might be the biggest and bravest step you will make in your life.

It doesn't matter for what you decide in the end, but your commitment has to be there and you have to be honest about it.

Once you made a decision, it won't be always easy. At times you will want to give up on the thing you committed to. You might even hate it for a while. But trust me, it's worth sticking to your decision.

I know that this article might be a little bit contradictory to what I'm preaching normally. I tell you guys to not stay in a job you hate.

But the truth is always contradictory.

You either commit to the job you hate and transform it through your commitment or you decide for something else. Just don't stay in that stage of complaining about what is.

Commitment is the first non-negotiable step if you wanna manifest a life that you love. I talk about this and the other three necessary steps in my new Reset Your Life Course

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