3 Reasons Why You Deserve to Make Money with Doing What You Love


I talked to one of my colleagues at work the other day. Let's call him K. 


K. is always complaining about his job. Not only with words, but his entire body language tells me "I don't wanna be here." He rolls his eyes, looks on his watch every two seconds, sighs a lot and makes a face as if he is in massive pain. I told him: "You need to get a different job. You seem more the outside-kinda-guy who needs a little bit more action." K. told me that he loves snowboarding, kayaking etc.


K. smiled and said "Yes, but you don't earn money with it." and he gave me another sigh.


I thought about our conversation and there are only two reasons why he could think, that you cannot earn money with doing what you love:


  • He really believes it and he doesn't know anybody who makes money with a job like that. In this case, he is a little bit naive, because they must be tons of snowboarding teachers, etc.... You know what I mean.
  • He thinks he doesn't deserve to make money with his passion and he has a deep seeded belief that you need to work hard to make money.


In both cases, he would only need to change his thoughts to improve his life.


If you're in a similar situation, you will love to hear these 3 reasons why you deserve to make money with doing what you love:


  1. If you love what you do, you're more of service to others. You will work more efficient, you will have more ideas, you will come up with more solutions, you will put so much love in what you do, that the people you're serving with your product or your service, will be much more happy. Ergo, you make more people happy! And this should be rewarded.
  2. If you love what you do, you automatically inspire others around you to do the same. You can't even image how powerful your impact is on other people. You will create a riple effect. You will spread more love into this world. And this should be rewarded too.
  3. Why would you not deserve it? People think that if something is so much fun, you're not supposed to make a lot of money with it. Almost as if they think: "It's not fair that I'm happy and rich at the same time." What would you think, if your dance teacher would come to class with a Ferrari? Or even worse - the priest from the church near by?


A voice inside of us says "This can't be right!" It's as if we were all brainwashed to believe that it's not good to make money with something that helps other people or is in any sense spiritual.


This belief creates that people hesitate to go after their passion, because they think, they can't earn money with it. And even if people are so bold to go after their dreams, they will sabotage themselves, because they might think, that they don't deserve it all.


I want you to know: YOU deserve it all. 


  • You deserve to be excited to go to work.
  • You deserve to have tons of fun at your job.
  • You deserve to make as much money as you want with doing what you love.
  • You deserve to be happy.


If you're counting the days till Friday and you know that there is something else you would rather do, do it! Maybe you won't make tons of money with it right away, but you will eventually make money.


The question is: Are you willing to earn less money at the beginning and in exchange be able to do what you love? From my own experience I know that it's totally worth it.


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