The Life-Changing Secret: How to Never Be In a Bad Mood Again


Are you fed up with being in a bad mood too?

Women tend to get in bad moods a lot, right? I don't see this only negative. I mean, at least we're able to express our emotions. BUT, being in a bad mood can drain your energy to an extent, that you just wanna lay in bed and sleep, because you have the feeling that you just don’t wanna deal with this world anymore (yep, I've been there). You can call it depression or whatever. I don't really like this word, but the question is: 

How can you avoid getting to a point where you feel too drained to deal with anything?

I believe, that you can train yourself to not get into a bad mood. And that’s so important, because bad moods lead to bad words, lead to fights, lead to separation, lead to loneliness and powerlessness, lead to depression. 

So how can we practice to switch from a bad mood into a good mood quicker, so we don’t ruin our whole day?

O.k. for me, that’s probably one of the most difficult things to do, so I won’t pretend it’s not, but it’s possible and you can train this ability like a muscle.

I’m a big fan of the book "the Course in Miracles” and one of the first lessons is:

“I am never upset for the reason I think.”

(click here to read the whole lesson)

The other day I felt upset about my boyfriend. He was not exactly doing what I wanted him to do, or to be true, I can’t even remember what it was. So the line of the "Course in Miracles" came to my mind and I asked myself:

What am I really upset about here?

I sat there for a while and rewound my day to find out this exact moment when my bad mood started. 

And suddenly I knew it.


It didn’t have anything to do with the situation. It all started with a thought in my mind that told me, that I’m not good enough. This thought was triggered by something I can’t remember. It might have been a Facebook post of a friend who I thought looks better than me, or I tried on my bikini from last year and it didn’t fit me anymore. Something in this category. Basically, something made me feel like shit.

And this feeling of unworthiness made me get into a bad mood, made me search for something to be upset about. Like in my case: my boyfriend’s behavior. 

The truth is: I created my upset. 

Nothing from outside can ever make you upset. A negative feeling towards a person or a situation always springs from your own thoughts of unworthiness. If you would never think bad about yourself, you would never think bad about someone else.

To truly love yourself is the key to have a relaxed and happy life. 

So the next time, you’re upset, ask yourself:

  • What am I really upset about?
  • Do I have negative feelings about myself right now?

Dig deep and you will see that there is something inside of you that you don’t like about yourself.


Remember the times, when you felt extremely confident and content about your body, your life or maybe when you were in love? I bet you, in these times nothing could really make you upset, right? It’s because you only had good thoughts and feelings about yourself. And the good news are: You can recreate that, anytime.


Be more gentle to yourself, be more loving to yourself. Listen more to what makes you happy. Take good care of your body, your spirit and your soul and you won’t get upset so easily.

And also, the next time you’ll see somebody being angry, sad or in a bad mood about something, remember: They just don’t feel so good about themselves right now. That’s it. It has nothing to do with you! Maybe you can help them to remember that they are precious, that they are enough. Usually a loving hug helps. Try it out!

Sending out rays of light, 


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