You Are Enough! - The Powerful Impact that These 3 Words Have on My Life


Babe, be honest!

How many things do you do in one day to impress other people?

How many times do you exaggerate when you talk about an experience just to make yourself look more interesting?

How often do you not talk about your true feelings, because you’re afraid to upset somebody?

And how many times do you leave out facts about your life to look more successful, happier, more like “she got it all together”?

I do that all the time and you know what? I’m getting tired of it.

The only reason why we’re all acting like that is a thought in our head. This thought seems to be echoing in my mind since I was born:


This one thought is responsible for me getting sad when I don’t get enough attention. It reminds me of “Oh, yeah, I’m not enough. Right. I almost forgot about it."

This thought is also responsible for me getting jealous of people that are performing better than me. “Yep, there it is again. It must be right. I’m not enough."

This thought is responsible for my feelings of insecurity when I get a compliment, because of course they must be lying. “Didn’t you know that I’m not enough”. 

This thought also makes me feel insulted if somebody complains about me. “Thanks for the reminder that I’m not enough."

I mean, it’s not that I walk around with an inner voice screaming at me: "I AM NOT ENOUGH", but why do we try to impress others or don’t say what we think or hide certain parts of our personality?

If we’d truly believe, that we are enough, we wouldn’t need to hide anything.

Our ego wants to make us believe, that we gonna loose it all (our love relationship, our friends, our job, our reputation, our Facebook followers) , if we would just relax and be completely ourselves with all our mistakes and weirdo-ness. 

The truth is, our ego is terrified that we will figure out sooner or later that all this is bullshit. That it’s just a meaningless thought in our minds. Basically, nothing.

You are enough, Sweetheart! 

You deserve it all!

You are fucking amazing!

You don’t need to pretend anything. You don’t need to impress anybody. You don’t need to look more professional, more successful, more wealthy, more whatever!

Calm that voice that says “YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH” and watch how your actions and reactions change when you shift your mind.

Yesterday I pulled off my sons band-aid and I said to him: “ You know Honey, if you’re ouchy gets some fresh air, it will heal faster.” 

As soon as I said it, I thought, “That’s it.” 

Don’t hide the things you’re struggling with just to look perfect. Reveal your wounds and they will be healed faster.

If you’re struggling with this limiting thought of “not enough” too, put your hands on your heart and speak after me:

I am enough.

I am relaxed with who I am.

I am relaxed with what I know.

I am relaxed with what I don’t know.

I am relaxed with my strengths.

I am relaxed with my weaknesses.

I am relaxed with my mistakes.

I am relaxed with my talents.

I am relaxed with my insecurities.

I am relaxed with my confidence.

I am relaxed with who I am.

I am enough.


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