Are You Afraid to Make Your Family Suffer if You Follow Your Dreams? Yes? Then Read this!


Hi Beautiful,

yesterday I had a really interesting conversation with a friend. We talked about this one big decision - should you follow your passion or should you play it safe in life?


My friend offered me a new perspective on how people can view your lifestyle, if you take the big leap to follow your dreams. He said, it can be pretty selfish to go after your dream job, especially if you have a family and you need to provide your loved ones with food, a warm home and you want to give your children a good education later on.

So the question is:


Is it selfish to follow your desires and to leave your old life behind?

And how far can you go without making other people around you suffer?

First of all, I wanna say, that I can totally understand if people think that way. Don’t we all wanna give our children the best childhood and the most bright future they can possibly have?

For sure.

I mean, of course you have to provide your family with food, clothes and a home and indeed, it would be selfish to have fun, while they don’t have anything to eat. True. I totally agree with that. Who wouldn’t?

But in a lot of cases people think that their children need more than they actually do. When I talk to people who struggle with their job, because they work too much or they hate what they do, and I tell them to look for a different job, they usually answer: “I do it for my family.” 

Most of the time, these kids have everything: iPhones, iPads, tons of toys and thousands of hobbies. Not that this is a bad thing, but kids are usually happy with less and even more so when they feel that their parents are happy. 

But what if you think: 'If I risk it all and go for my dreams, I won’t be able to put any money aside for their education later on.' 

Here is what I think:

Life happens right now. To worry about the future and base your decisions on these worries, is quite limiting. Not only for you, but also for your child.

If you give your child the information “Don’t go after your dreams! It’s better to be a little “unhappier” now to be more “happy” in the future, your children might do exactly the same when they’re grown up. At the end, nobody is really satisfied. 

On the other hand, if you show your kids that doing the things you love is your right, they will learn from your example and they will more naturally do the same.

So if you’re struggling to decide if you should take the risk to follow your heart, be aware, that it’s not selfish to do it. You also do it for your kids. 

They will learn how to be happy through your example. They might have to take a loan to go to university, but they will do what makes their soul sing.

Make them sing. 

Love you guys,


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