Are You Always Following the Path of Least Resistance? Well, You Might be Smarter than You Think!


Hey guys,

in German we have a saying. If somebody "follows the path of least resistance", the person tries to avoid facing problems and instead chooses the most easy way out of a situation. "The path of least resistance" has a pretty bad reputation in my home country.

I wonder why.


I personally think, that life doesn't have to be complicated and hard. You don't have to work like a machine to have a good life.


Instead of thinking that struggle is normal and necessary, what if we would just follow the path of least resistance and do what's easy for us?


In 2006 I quit my office job to start a full-time dance training for 3 years. I danced my ass off, had a lot of sour muscles, worked in a restaurant at the weekends to pay my bills. Although that sounds like hard work, in retrospective I surely did walk my path of least resistance.


Dancing felt easy and joyful for me. I didn't have to persuade myself to get out of bed every morning.


The pain of having sour muscles for 3 years straight felt nothing in comparison to the pain I felt before - this awful feeling of being completely out of sync with myself.


Imagine water flowing down a river. If it comes across a big stone, it looks for a way to go around the obstacle.


What you're doing, if you think resistance is normal, is, that you keep hanging around in front of that stone, thinking fighting it, will make you strong. 


It won't make you strong. It will tire you out and make you feel stuck.


So tell me!


What feels easy and joyful to you?

What could you do for hours and hours without having the feeling that you actually work? (this could be a simple thing like "watching people")

What tasks of your current job feel easy to you and is there a way to expand these tasks and drop others?


To walk the path of least resistance doesn't mean you have to run away from your problems. The water doesn't run away from the stone. Actually, it gently touches the stone, embraces the stone and finds a way to solve the problem.


So if you feel a lot of resistance towards your job or any other field in your life, you have two choices. You either change your direction or learn to love the barrier.


In the long run resistance itself is your problem, not the obstacle.


Love you guys, 

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