How to Change Your Perspective to See More Opportunities in Your Life (and More Rainbows too!!!)

I used to own a pair of sunglasses that make everything look more vibrant and colorful. Do you know these ones?

Well, they were my favorite pair. I called them my magic glasses. The sky was a little bit more blue, the grass was a little bit more green. When I wore them, it seemed as if I was walking through hobbit-land.

I showed them to a friend and he said: "That's so fake. That's not how it really looks like. You must be disappointed when you take them off."

I kinda was, because after wearing them for a couple of hours, the "normal" world looked a little boring and pale.

One day I was sitting on a park bench in my favorite park in NYC. It was sunny, so I was wearing my magic glasses. I looked at the sky and suddenly I saw a rainbow over one of the skyscrapers. I thought, 'Wow, this is beautiful. It probably won't look as bright if I take my glasses off.'

So I checked. I took them off and I was shocked.

There was no rainbow.

'What the f...? I thought. 'Am I getting color-blind?'

I checked it again and again. Every time I put the glasses on, the rainbow was there. When I took them off, it was gone.

How is that possible?

Suddenly I wasn't sure anymore, if my magic glasses are "fake" or if they just show a different spectrum of reality. The rainbow was not a hallucination. It was real.

My magic glasses made me think.

What is reality?

What else am I missing with my "normal" eyes? 

When my son and me are going for a walk, he usually points out airplanes 3 minutes before I can spot them. This also happens with trains, cars and diggers a lot. Basically, everything he's really into.

My brain doesn't bring these things into my field of awareness. I swear, I don't see the cars, he sees. It's as if I have a blind spot for trucks, cars and trains.

Another funny example:

My man Chris and his mom were arguing about the color of our couch the other day. She said: "It's black." He said: "It's blue." I said, "It's black." too. So we asked a forth person. The answer was: "It's definitely a dark blue couch."

So what's the truth? Or who has better eyes?

I actually don't know.

In the book A Course in Miracles is written: 

"Projection makes perception (Text, p. 445). We look inside first, decide the kind of world we want to see and then project that world outside, making it the truth as we see it." 

Could it be then, that your brain decides what it wants to see depending on your thoughts, your beliefs and what you concentrate upon?

And what if your eyes could be trained to see certain things rather than others if you just shift your perspective?

In some ways, we all wear our special sets of glasses. Everybody has a filter over their eyes, their ears and other sense perceptions. This would also explain why some people always seem to have  "good" days while others have "bad" days.

Yesterday I met a guy in the elevator. He looked at me and said: "Another damn day. I earned only 50 cents. The rest goes to the damn government."

I thought to myself, this person sees reality from a completely different point of view than me.

It depends on you, what you wanna see. If you tell yourself, that there are no opportunities out there to live the life you want, then you'll basically train your brain and your eyes to develop a blind spot for opportunities - even if they're as big as an elephant and they're sitting right in front of you.

Instead, tell yourself what you would like to see and concentrate on the things you love. Then they will appear miraculously in your field of awareness - as easy as trucks, airplanes and trains for Luke.

It's that simple.

The difference between you and the most happiest, successful and relaxed person you know is YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

Don't take your vision too seriously! There is more out there than you can see. 

Dare to stay open to see some miracles this year!

...and more rainbows too.


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