You're over 40. You Hate your Job. Is it too late to Change Careers?


The other day I met a woman in front of my apartment building. And although I don't really know her and she doesn't know anything about me, she suddenly started to talk about how much she hates her job and that she would rather do something else.


Weird ey?


She told me that she studied winemaking, when she was younger, but when she came to Canada 15 years ago, she couldn't find a job in her field and she took the job she is doing right now.


She expressed her feelings for that job several times during our conversation. "No wonder!", I thought, every time I see her, she seems to be in a bad mood. 


I told her: "Hey, you can always try to find another job."


But she replied, that she is too old now to get into something else. She said: " I have to prepare for my retirement life, to save up some money, you know." She is probably 54 max..


She kept complaining about her situation and about life in Canada in general. "Europe is so much better, you know. I don't know, why you're here. If I would be your age again, I would go back for sure."


Usually, I try to end conversations like this as fast as possible, but to be honest, this woman was the perfect example how your stupid thoughts can keep you in an illusory prison. So, I kinda enjoyed listening to all her excuses she had, to not work on a better life.


I thought, "This is the perfect material for my next blog."


So, here it is!


If you're over 40 and you think, it's too late to start a different career, read this:

1. You never know how long you'll gonna live.

Maybe you'll live till you're 100. In this case, 50 is pretty young, don't you think?

You have tons of time to do a million things. Look at me! In the last 15 years I studied business (yep, I finished), I studied dance at the Minkov Academy for Dance (yep, finished that too) and worked for countless dance schools as a teacher for Hip Hop, Jazz, Kidsdance and Ballett. I gave birth to my son and moved to Canada. I actually did a lot more, but let's keep the list short. All this took only 15 years. What do you think can happen in 50 years? You don't have to settle down with 40, 50 or 60. 


2. You never know how much time you have left.

Maybe you only have a few years left and you won't reach your retirement-time. You know, the only predictable thing about life is its' unpredictability.

In this case, wouldn't it be better to find something that's actually fun?


3. You are most certainly FREE

If you're in a country where education is for free - which means you can read and write - and you are not persecuted in any way, you are FREE to do what ever you wanna do.


You have the freedom to learn.

You have the freedom to go wherever you wanna go.

You have the freedom and the possibility to change, no matter how old you are.


Millions of people would love to be in your shoes.


Here is another thing:


If you do something you love, you don't even wanna retire. You will work till you die, because you don't wanna stop. Click to tweet!


Do you think Picasso would have put down his palette with 65?


Do you think Karl Lagerfeld turns 65 and suddenly he is not into fashion anymore?


Do you think Meryl Streep says: "Finally, I can stop making movies."?


Your dreams matter, no matter if you're 20, 40 or 60.


You can always change, what you do. You can always change, who you are. Don't take your age as an excuse.


You're not your age. You are, what you allow yourself to be. Click to tweet!





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