About Priorities and 1000 Excuses to Not Live the Life of Your Dreams


If you had to pick, what is more important to you, what would you choose?

Cleaning the house or working on your passion? 

Sleeping in or working on your passion?

Reading Paula’s blog or working on your passion?

Decide what is more important to you and then set priorities. 

If you wanna do what you love and work on your passion, then you can’t sit on the couch every night and watch TV. 

If you wanna devote more time to the things you love, then do it. Don’t say: "Oh, after I cleaned the house, brought the kids to bed, called my friend back, prepared the lunch for the next day and had a shower…there was just no time left to work on what I really love. Oh, how I wish I had more time.”

Stop it. It’s an excuse.

What you really mean is, that your dream is not your first priority. 

If cleaning and shopping and being on the phone comes first, then these are your priorities in life.

If they’re not, but you still do them first, I highly recommend to make a priority list. I did mine a few days ago and it reminds me, in which order things should be done.

  1. Family: spending time with the people I love
  2. Passion: working on my blog, my website, writing, preparing my RYL-course
  3. Health: going for walks, stretching, yoga
  4. everything else: cleaning, cooking, chatting, reading other people’s blogs, answering emails, messages etc, shopping, etc, meeting friends, making money

How would your list look like? I suggest to keep it simple and not make more than 4 points.

I’m honest with you. When I first wrote my list, I thought I should give my health a higher priority than my passion, but real life looks different. If I have two hours of free time and I have the choice between doing yoga and writing, I choose writing. Oops! I said it. It’s just so satisfying to me and that’s why I don’t feel guilty about it.

Check if the things, that are super important to you, also get the appropriate space in your life. And if not, you can change it. 

You can work on your creation and then do the dishes. It’s not a sin to have a dirty house. But it’s a sin to not create what makes you happy.

And now go and get your shit done.

P.S.: So thankful for dishwashers and little helpers :-)

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