How Magnetism and Quantum Physics Can Help You with Your Daily Decisions

Everybody knows how a magnet works, but nobody can really explain why it does what it does. 

I researched magnetism, but you need to know a lot about quantum physics to get it. And although I love all this quantum physic stuff, it's a mystery to me how someone can actually understand formulas.

Anyways, the fact is, nobody questions the law of magnetism. It’s a law you learned at school and everybody just accepts that materials exist, which attract other materials. 

Now I wonder, if we believe in a hidden force that makes two things attract each other, why don’t we believe that the same force is also working with us?

Here is an example:

Did you ever feel extremely drawn to something?

Maybe you felt a magical pull to live in a certain city for a while?

Or you feel almost involuntarily drawn to a certain kind of work?

Or you felt an attraction towards a special person?

For me, this pull is always there. I even listen to it, when I wonder around in a foreign city and I don’t know which way to go. I let the magnetic force decide, if I need to go right or left at the next crossing. The strange thing is, every time I let the magnetic field decide what I should do next, amazing things happen to me. I met my man Chris this way and a lot of other beautiful people who influenced me and became good friends.

Because we humans have freedom of choice, we can decide if we wanna follow the force of attraction or if we wanna resist the natural pull of something bigger. 

The other day I was at Chapters, a Canadian bookstore. I walked through the different sections, looked at all these amazing books and wondered, ‘Who feels drawn to read all these cooking books?’ I certainly not. I love eating, but I just feel no attraction to ever buy a cook book. I went through the next section and thought, ‘Who feels the pull to read the biography of Leonard Cohen?’ I’m sure that there are tons of people, who do, but they have a completely different magnetic set up than me. Thank god.

In certain areas in our lives we are pretty good to feel what’s best for us. If someone, for example, asks you, ‘What do you feel like eating for lunch?’ You listen to your tummy and from all the choices you could make, you pick, let’s say sushi. You don’t feel like having a burger, so you basically go with what you feel most drawn to.

In other areas we forget to listen to the inner pull. If you feel a resistance to go to work every day, it’s basically the force of the magnet pushing you off. But instead of listening to the resistance, you still go to work and you feel tired or completely burned out at the end of the day.

You know why?

Because you’re fighting against the magnetic force. You're struggling against the energy that wants to push you away. This costs a lot of strength. If you would do what is pulling you, you would not feel tired, even if you worked for 8 hours.

Don’t tell me, that you believe in an invisible force that makes things move towards other things, but you can’t believe that this force is also influencing you as a person. 

I think the world is ready now, to not call that stuff hocus-pocus anymore. It’s just Physics. And you can use it to your advantage.

Dare to follow the pull!

You wouldn’t feel a deep desire for something if it wasn’t meant to be there.

It’s nature communicating with you.

You just need to answer.

Love you guys, 

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