You Wanna Relax or You Wanna Get Things Done? Both? Here is the Short Cut to Paradise:

So you're stressing out, because you try to figure out what you wanna do with your life.


And while you're thinking so hard about a million things like how to get more money, how to get more success or more followers on Twitter and you're waiting and waiting and waiting for a better life to come, you're missing the whole point.


But hey, it's o.k. One can get lost.


I'm getting lost all the time.


I was bringing my son Luke to bed earlier and while I was lying beside him, I could hear his breath, I could smell his hair, I was right beside him and I realized: 


That's it. This is paradise.


What could be possibly better than this?


What is there more to achieve in life?


I felt so peaceful.


There was no need to go anywhere.

There was no need to do anything.

There was no need to become someone.

There was only bliss.


Hey, can I please have that all the time?


I could have thought, 'Oh no, it's already 10 o'clock and I still have to do the dishes, clean the kitchen, write a new article. What a stressful night!'


But instead, I was just relaxing into the moment. There was no stress, because there were no thoughts.


When Luke fell asleep, I got up, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes and now I'm writing. The only difference is, that I didn't ruin the moment earlier in bed with my son by already stressing out about the future.

That's why I felt so good. I didn't want things to already be finished to finally be able to relax. I gave myself the permission to relax with things to be unfinished still.


And there you go! That's the secret of life, packaged in a little story from tonight.


Every time you feel stressed, you want things too fast.


One has to relax with things to be unfinished, because if you're waiting to feel good until everything is done, you will be waiting for the rest of your life.


So the next time you're catching yourself thinking, 'Oh, I just have to get this done, and then I can finally relax.' know, that this thought is sabotaging you from being blissful right now.


There is nothing, absolutely nothing out there, that is so important, that you need to give up your right to feel good.


And trust me! The only thing you really want is to feel good. The rest is illusion.

Patience. Patience. And love.

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