My X-mas Striptease: 6 Secrets I Didn't Want Anybody To Know


O.k., let’s talk some truth. Here are 6 things I usually don't talk about:

  • I’m probably the most out of shape than I’ve ever been before.
  • Also my health is not the best that it’s ever been.
  • My relationship is far from being perfect and one of the reasons that I don’t have a car nor a cell phone is my current financial situation.
  • Although I have a bachelor degree in business and marketing and I’m a certified dance teacher, I’m working for a promotion team in a super market to pay my bills.
  • Oh yeah, and what I almost forgot, is, that I live together with my mother in law. Chris, Luke and me, Glenda, Coco and Carly (our two dogs), we all share a 3-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Toronto.

For a lot of people these circumstances would be reason enough to be - let’s be honest - depressed.

But strangely, despite the fact that my life is obviously ‘imperfect’, I’ve never felt so much in love with my life.

I’ve never felt so much peace.

I’ve never felt so pure.

I don’t feel the need to cover anything up anymore and I’ve never been more myself than these days.

“The kingdom of Heaven is not coming with signs to be observed. Nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is’ or ‘There it is!’ For the kingdom of Heaven is within you." Luke 17:21

I had to think about this quote from the Bible today. 


It is truly an illusion to think that anything outside of yourself will ever have the power to make you happy. "Heaven" is coming when you least expect it and it exists in the middle of all imperfection.

Unfortunately, most of us (including me) need to suffer and suffer and suffer before we realize this:

How you feel inside is only dependent on how you decide to feel inside.

This is the easy, sometimes hurting truth that nobody wants to face. 

Whenever you’re not happy, you’re choosing to not be happy….

….which means:



You have the choice to stay calm even if you're facing bills you can't pay or people who wanna bring you down.


And let me tell you: As soon as you choose to feel good, no matter what's happening out there, you will suddenly draw the coolest shit into your life. 


I'm the living example.


In the last weeks I was radiating so much positivity that the strangest things happened to me. Here are a few:


  • I met so many new cool and inspiring people
  • I got a free big smoothie in a restaurant after I asked if I could have a sample (?)
  • My boss offered me a full time job, because I'm "such a passionate person" (these were his words)
  • I got an email from a girl that I've never talked to, saying that my aura is so peaceful
  • I got an email from an old friend who offered to help me with my new web design - and this basically for free.
  • a customer at work brought me homemade cake
  • I met Joy McCarthy, the famous nutritionist from Toronto and had a chat with her

Oh boy, I could go on. 

If you wanna make feeling good the first priority in your life, then just remember this:

You always have a choice to feel good. Right here. Right now.

I love you all. I truly do. And I wish all of you the best holiday season ever.

May we all remember that we do have the power to choose a loving and peaceful state of mind.

Merry Christmas and lots of LOVE!


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