How To Follow Your Dreams When You're a Full-time Mom and You Don't Have Time

Do you ever dream about starting your own business, but you just can't imagine that you would have enough time to work on it? 

Then you have to watch the new episode of Paula's Reminder!

I'll give you 3 tips how to make more time in your life, so that you can go for your dreams - Yes! Even if you're a full-time mom.


Here is a little summary of this week's Reminder.

How to follow your dreams when you're a full-time mom and you don't have time:

  1. Don't fool around anymore! Choose 1 passion and focus on that!
  2. Declutter everything which kills time (your to-do-list, your obligations, your stuff, your mind)
  3. Use your free time wisely (don't waste time on Facebook, watch less TV, avoid random surfing on the internet)

If you follow all these tips, I promise that you will have more time to make your dream happen. And the funny thing is, if you're actually doing the things you love, you have way more energy for your "mom-tasks" too. You'll see!

Don't forget to spread the love and share this video with your other mom friends. Let's help some people out there to get the life they deserve.

Love you all, 

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