Do You Think That Other People Have it All but You Don't? Here are 4 Tips to Overcome Jealousy (VIDEO)

Sometimes it hits me.


I'm scrolling down on my FB page and I see some super cool photos of one of my friends thinking "OMG. She is so beautiful. Why can't I look like this?".


Or I'm watching a few videos from people I'm following on Youtube and instead of being totally uplifted, I think: "Damn, how are these people so much more funny and clever than me?"


You know what comes next!


These creepy feelings rise up in your stomach and five minutes later, you're just sitting on the couch with a sad face and you tell your boyfriend that you're the worst at what you're doing, just to get an answer like "No honey! You're great. You can't compare yourself to anybody. You are you." and so on...


That's what happens here at least once every two months.


Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had one of these aha-moments, catching myself in a moment of pure jealousy.


And you know what? I think I got it now.


I think I'm totally over it. Not that I will never be jealous again in my life, but I think I can deal with it. And so will you, if you watch my Reminder of the week.


Check it out!

So, what do you think? 


The example with the kids is pretty good, right?

And if you wanna have a quick overlook on everything I said in my video, here is the summary:



  1. It's totally normal to be jealous. So don't beat yourself up for that.
  2. Jealousy can be a big helper. It can show you what you really want.
  3. Comparison doesn't make sense. Think about the two kids who learn how to walk. They don't care, so why should we?
  4. Be grateful for your abilities and focus on your own uniqueness.


The next time you catch yourself ranting about another person you're secretly jealous of, remember my words and you will feel better right away.


I hope this helped a little and if it did, then help me to spread the word and share this link with your friends because sharing is caring :-)


Big hugs to you, 

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