Are YOU sabotaging yourself with negative thinking? - The Power of being in a good mood (VIDEO)

Hey Sweety!

Did you ever wonder why two people who are in the same situation react completely different to it?


I mean every-day-situations like this:

Standing in traffic, sitting in the waiting room before a doctor's appointment, being at work with your colleagues or walking through the rain without an umbrella.


There are people who are able to stay completely positive and there are others who complain about it. How can that be? It's the same situation.


This is exactly what Paula's Reminder is about this week. It's all about how we let our negative thoughts sabotage our lives on a daily basis and how we underrate the importance of being in a good mood.


Watch it and enjoy!


So what do you say?


Are you ready to quit the constant complainer inside of you and become the most positive person you know?


And tell me: How do you keep your good mood up? Do you have any tips? 


The thing that works best for me is probably taking a walk on my own or shaking my ass to Taylor Swift's new song "Shake it off" in my living room:

If you need it right now, here is the link:

What is your secret? Come on over to my community on Facebook and join the conversation! I love to see some red flags!


Thank you so much for watching!



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