What career were you meant for? - The most effective questions to find the job you love


Deep down you know 2 things.


  • No. 1: That you were not born to do the job you’re doing right now.
  • No. 2: That you don’t have a clue what to do with the rest of your life.


If this sounds familiar, keep reading. I can help you.


8 years ago I had the guts to quit my full time job to follow my passion, which was becoming a professional dancer at that time.


Anyway, before I made the decision, I was feeling completely lost and confused for many many months. 


There was total chaos in my head. On the one hand I knew that I wasn’t passionate about my job, but on the other hand I didn’t have a clue what else to do with myself. The only thing I knew was, that life is too short to not enjoy every moment of it. 


Now - from a distance - I know that this confusion was like a clearing process, because there is always chaos before there is clarity. 


So if you’re feeling frustrated about being lost at the moment, try to see it like that:


Loosing yourself is the first step of getting clear about what you really want and who you really are.

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I mean, obviously the feeling of not knowing what to do sucks. That’s why I wanna help you to go through this transitional time as quick as possible.


If you’re asking yourself:


Is there a job out there that could really satisfy me and my needs?

What is my real purpose in this world?

Does something like this exist: A job which is exciting, fun, meaningful and pays the bills at the same time?


Here is my answer: 


YES. It exists. And I’m telling you that you’re already know what it is. You’re just not completely aware of it yet.


The best tool to find out what career you were meant for, is to observe yourself as if you were looking at yourself from an outside perspective. This helps, because sometimes we’re too close to ourselves and literally can’t see the forest for the trees.


Therefore take a pen and a piece of paper and answer the following questions as pricisely and honest as possible and you will get closer to the career you were really meant for:

1. When you’re on the Internet, what are you into the most? What kind of articles, videos, people interest you? What do you google the most?


2. When you go into a bookstore, to which section do you go first? 


3. If someone would give you - let’s say- 20.000 dollars, so you wouldn’t have to work for a couple of months, what would you do? What would you like to get better at? What would you like to learn about?

4. When you think of a moment in your life where you felt really alive and enthusiastic, what were you doing in this moment?

5. Do you have a gift, which makes other people happy?
What are you naturally good at?

6. What are you getting compliments for?

7. Think about a conversation with a friend: What topic makes you glow?

8. Is there a person you admire for who he/she is? How does this person spends his/her time?

9. Who are you jealous of? And what exactly makes you jealous? 

10. Let’s say, you were 20 years old again, what career path would you choose this time?

11. If you had one wish to have the best skills in something what would you choose to be the best at?

12. Let’s say you would be 100 % confident and fearless, what would you do differently?

13. End the sentence: Life sucks if you can’t...

14. End this sentence: After a long and stressful day, the only thing, which can lift me up is…

15. How would you like to make people’s lives better/easier/more joyful/more beautiful/more fun?

16. If you could prevent people from making the same "bad experiences" you did, how would you do this?



Now look at your writing. Your true calling will be found in these answers. If it’s not obvious right away, go through these questions at least a few times, trying to vividly imagine the answers. Then let it go and don’t think about it anymore. The answers will come while you’ll keep observing yourself, your actions and your desires.


I’m so curious to hear your experiences about that. Come on over to my Facebook page and feel free to share your opinion.


See ya there!

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