YOU are the world changing machine! (If you are crazy enough to believe it)

Hey Sweetie, 


just to warn you, but the stuff I will talk about today can make you a little bit upset. It will definitely pull you out of your comfort zone.

So if you keep reading, it’s at your own risk. 


Ready? Here we go:


EVERY single thought you have creates your reality. 

Ha, I said it.


What does that mean?


The relationship you have, the numbers you have on your bank account, the job you have, your health, everything in your life is created by YOU.


If you think, for example:


"You can’t make money with something that's actually fun.”


“These days, it’s so hard to start your own business.”


“Every job gets boring and monotonous after a while.”


“It’s so hard to survive these days.”


“If everybody would do what they love, the world wouldn’t function anymore.”


“Who am I to go after my dreams?"


Stuff like this.


If you have similar thoughts, even if they’re more in the back of your mind, this is what will manifest in your life.


Believe it or not, there are thousands of people out there who are making money with something they love.


Not only that they get money for what they enjoy doing, but they also help other people to have a more beautiful life. The world, so to speak, functions even better with those people.


Their work is inspiring, exciting and fulfilling. Some of them don’t even need vacations, because their jobs are so much fun, that they don’t want time to relax from it.


You don’t believe me?


O.k. here are just a few people that I follow and who are definitely making money with their passion (a lot of money):


The only difference between YOU and these people are your thoughts.


So if you don’t like the situation you’re in at the moment, the first step is to change your thoughts and your beliefs about what is possible.


Replace your thoughts with the following:


“I deserve to share my passion with the world.”


“There are so many possibilities for me out there.”


“I am creative.”


“I can make money with a job I really enjoy doing.”


“Opportunities will come my way.”


In comparison to your previous thoughts, your new ones will actually represent the TRUTH, because...

The Universe IS full of opportunities and You ARE a creative being. Period.


Let these thoughts sink into your being. If they become natural to you, you don’t even have to think anymore, you just know and act upon them and then magical things will start happening.


Like Marianne Williamson says in her new book The Law of Devine Compensation:


"The greatest gift we give ourselves is often our willingness to change our minds.”


Or let’s say it in the words of Steve Jobs:


"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


 In every area of your life where you are experiencing a lack at this moment, you must change your thoughts and take responsibility for them.


Observe your mind and you will find out which of your beliefs are holding you back from falling in love with your life!


Hey, and don’t be scared. It’s actually fun.


Love you all, 

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