A course in clarity: How to get exactly what you want


O.k. I have to tell you something.


I recently found out that in order to live a happy and enjoyable life, you have to get super clear on what ‘being happy' exactly means to you.


I know, you’re probably thinking:’This goes without saying.’, but sorry, this is totally bs.


If this would go without saying, everybody would get clear and therefore live a fulfilled life. But that’s not the case and I can also tell you why.


It’s not enough, if you tell me: ‘I wanna be happy.’


The Universe needs to know how you wanna feel to be happy, because happiness is very subjective. What’s on your What-makes-me-happy-list might never end up on mine and vice versa. 


The good news are: The Universe wants to support your dreams and desires all the time, but it can’t help you, if you don't get clear on how you wanna feel.


So how do you wanna feel?


Do you wanna feel free?

Do you wanna feel fully alive?

Do you wanna feel abundant, joyful, connected?

Do you wanna feel calm or vibrant or excited?

Do you wanna feel sexy or sensual?



What feelings represent your ‘happiness’ the most?


Danielle Laporte, the author of the book ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ and ‘The Desire Map’ recommends writing down your chore desired feelings and make them visual, so you remember them everyday. 


Every decision you make should then be based on these chosen feelings, which, if you keep them in mind, will draw immediately more joy into your life.


You can also ask yourself:

Does my job support me in how I wanna feel?

Does my relationship support me in how I wanna feel?

Does my daily routine support me in how I wanna feel?

Do the things I eat support me in how I wanna feel?

and so on...


Pin your desired feelings on your fridge, on your computer, on your altar or write them on your skin with a permanent marker. Just don’t forget how you wanna feel.


Here is how my reminder looks like:



My chore desired feelings:

Peace. Wonder. Shining. Connected. Free. Creation.


What are yours?


Make your own reminders and ask yourself before every decision:


Will this support how I wanna feel?


And then make your choice.


Again: You can’t get what you want, if you don’t exactly know what you want and how you wanna feel. Period.


See you next week, 

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