What you have to know to rewrite the Story of your Life


If your life was a movie and you would read the last chapters of the script, let’s say the last 8 years, what kind of a movie would it be?


Would it be a drama, comedy, sci-fi or horror? Oh, I hope, it's not horror.


Would it be even worth watching, or would you fall asleep after 5 minutes?


Does the script reflect how you wanna live your life? Or are you dreaming of a more interesting, exciting….. movie?


My life is probably a mixture between something like Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, the Wizard of Oz and the Matrix… I don’t know.


But, yeah, I’m actually quite satisfied with the plot, the actors and the development of the main character.


I don’t think my life is boring at all. One day I will probably enjoy telling my grandkids the whole crazy story.


The secret for having a Blockbuster life is to live FULLY - which means 


  • to do all the shit you wanna do (that’s actually what your soul came here for)
  • to listen to this subtle voice inside of you that helps you to find your way
  • to follow your desires and your wishes even if it means to take a few steps back (in the eyes of the world)


I know it sounds crazy, but what can you loose?


You can only loose your life, if you're not daring to do crazy shit.


Because living a monotonous life means, you're already dead inside.


So let’s make some Blockbusters.


You wanna read the last chapter of my script? I'm pretty impressed:

  1. 2006 I quit my well paid office job to study dance all day long.
  2. I went to different dance auditions in Austria, The Netherlands and Germany (scary times) although I had almost no experiences in the exams I had to face. I just knew “I wanna dance my fucking ass off".
  3. I did care what my friends and my family thought about that move. But I didn’t care enough to not do it. It was my destiny.
  4. In the 3 years of studying dance I had enough money for food and my apartment that I shared with two other friends and I started to not care about material stuff anymore. I finally started living. This felt like a rebirth. Who needs new shoes, if you can dance all day?
  5. I meditated for 5 years straight, every day, because dancing was my meditation.
  6. Then I quit all my dance jobs. Why? Because my inner voice told me so and at that point I was so clear in my head that I just trusted her.
  7. I went to New York for 6 weeks, sat in cafes and in parks, was watching people and writing a journal without knowing what to do afterwards. I had no job. I had no plan. Just trust.
  8. I came back to Germany and worked as a waitress for 6 months and became pregnant.
  9. Although I knew I couldn’t afford a child financially, I got it. Again I trusted. Luke is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is two now. 
  10. I raised my son in a 17m2 apartment.
  11. I moved with my family from Frankfurt to Toronto.
  12. 2013 I founded this blog, which will change your life, if you read my weekly articles. I will make you chase your desires because I know how dreadful life is, if you don’t do it. Period.
This chapter was maybe not the easiest one, but hey, I don't regret a single second. 
What does all that have to do with you?
Nothing. It’s my movie. These were my choices. 
But my passion is to help you rewrite yours. That’s why I care for you.
It makes me happy, if I get emails from people who are telling me that they actually quit their soul-sucking jobs to do something they love.
That’s what I’m here for.
And now, go write your movie!

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