7 Questions that will make you quit your job


We spend 50% of our lives in our jobs. That’s a lot. 


40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, 2080 hours a year. Thousands of hours in one lifetime.


How does this make you feel? 


Do you feel miserable about these numbers? Or do you think: “Great! Why should it be otherwise?”


If you think this is far too much time to spend at work, then you’re probably stuck in a job that doesn’t lift you up, doesn’t make you grow or even worse is making you depressed.


Do you really think Picasso would have complained about his working hours?


Do you think that he put down his paint and brush when he was 65 and said: Finally, I’m retired. Finally I can relax. Finally I can start living.


Haha. This makes me laugh.


Of course he didn’t stop. Why would he?

Painting is his passion. It is his life. Painting is his relaxation.


By now, you probably already know if you are spending 2080 hours a year in your dream job. But just to make sure, you can go through each of these questions and answer them honestly.




1. Do you wake up in the morning and you can’t wait to go to work?


2. Do you believe in the importance of your job? (important for you, for your community or for the world?)


3. Do you believe that you make people happy with what you do?


4. Do you feel challenged at work? Does your job helps you grow - physically, mentally, spiritually...?


5. Are you getting inspired for your work if you're off work or you're on a vacation?


6. Do you fulfill the dreams of your childhood with your job?


7. Does your job help you to be more yourself?


If you’re saying yes to all these questions, then what the hell are you doing on my website? No honestly, you have it all, Baby.


If most of these questions got a big fat NO, then you can trustfully hand your heart into my hands. I will caress it for a while, I will whisper some magic motivations and will make you pull yourself out of this puddle of mud. 


You’ve been sitting in your comfort zone for too long and I wanna help you to get a life again.


I want you to squeeze every little drop out of this lifetime.


I want you to be able to love those 50% of your life.


You wanna know how?


O.k. For the beginning we start with these 3 easy steps:



Find out what makes you glow, what makes you happy.

Basically, you have to find your passion or simply remember it, because it is always there. Maybe you just forgot about it, because your parents didn’t support it or you were to shy to follow it.


Just remember!


What did you love to do when you were a kid, a teenager, before life got too serious?


STEP 2 requires a little bit more of your commitment. You gonna integrate your passion into your daily life routine. You will make time for it and if you do so, even if it is 10 min. a day, you will notice that you already start feeling so much more alive.


For STEP 3 you don’t have to DO anything. Step 3 is just being what you want to be (my-want-to-be-list). Be the person you wanna be. If you wanna become a writer, be a writer, if you wanna become a musician, be a musician, if you wanna become a chef, be a chef. 


This is not pretending. Maybe it feels like this at the beginning. But actually it’s just recognizing who you truly are. 


And if you wanna do even more, you can download my 3 Jump Start Files, where I talk about this a little bit more in detail. They contain the following three topics:


  1. THE MISSION: 3 tools to find your true purpose
  2. THE VISION: Questions and exercises to strengthen your imagination
  3. TRUST: Fears which are holding you back from your dream and how to overcome them


If you wanna get more clear on what you really want to do and who you wanna be in this lifetime, download them here. They are absolutely free and will always be.


Find your passion. Make it real. Be yourself.

If you wanna help some people who struggle with their job, share this blog with your friends.

You could be the one who helps them change their lives.

Leave a comment or send me a personal message if you have more questions about this. I’m always up for a chat.

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