My last will - Il Testamento


The other day I was thinking about my last will. I don't really own much, so nobody would profit from my death, but I would still write a few words for my loved ones. Something like that:


Hey soul mates, 


here are a few things, I want you to know and I want you to read it twice:


I don't want a sad funeral. I want a big party instead. Everybody should wear whatever they want to. You guys can have an awesome night with a lot of music and dancing and if you want, you can say a few nice words about me. Seriously, don't you dare to stand around a hole in the ground with black suits. I'll kill you.


O.k. another thing: Life is about evolving spiritually, about having fun, about seeing it's beauty and about expressing your desires. So when are you finally starting to get that, my friend?


Follow the desires of your soul. They are there for a reason.

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Here is another tip: (I'm giving out free tips today)

Spend more time on your own! Why is everybody so scared to be alone? It's this time when you charge your batteries, when you get the best insights, when you can actually hear your angels talking to you.


Wait. Here comes more.


Tell people the truth! No matter what it is. Tell them that you need them, that you love them, that they make you sad, that you are jealous of them, that you don't wanna spend time with them. Why are you holding back?


Let the truth breath.

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...question everything! Yes, everything. Don't just believe what the newspapers say, what the news and the TV say, what your neighbours say, what your teachers say, what your parents say, what I'm saying. Don't even believe what your thoughts tell you. Make up your own wisdom!


Share more! If you wanna complain about what you don't have, stop! Breath in and out! And then share what you have.


Eat more strawberries.


Dance more. (You can use the kitchen as your dance floor)


Travel on your own.


Read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. (Only if you wanna become enlightened in this lifetime :-) 


Stop watching TV. It keeps you away from doing the fun stuff. 


Hey, almost done. A few more words and then I'll stop.


Don't worry so much! Everything will be fine! Don't worry, if the dishwasher breaks down, don't worry, if you fail the exam, don't worry if they fire you, don't worry if your kid is acting different from anybody else, don't worry, if you can't get everything done in time. Because, if you would die tomorrow, this would all be so meaningless, right?


And of course, don't worry about me not being here, because I will be back :-)


And the last thing: Do what you love and love what you do! If you wouldn't go to work on your last day of life, then it's not the right job for you.


A dancer would dance, a singer would sing, a musician would play, a writer would write...I'm sure.


Thanks for reading, gorgeous soul!


See ya und Auf Wiedersehen!

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